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9 Health Benefits Of CBD Products For Dogs That You Didn’t Know About 


CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It has been shown to have many health benefits for humans and pets alike. These include relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and nausea. CBD also helps with inflammation and chronic diseases like arthritis. The list of problems that can be helped by CBD continues to grow as more research is done on its potential uses. 

This article will explore some of the most common reasons people give their dogs CBD products including general wellness support, calming effects, reduction in seizures frequency or severity due to epilepsy or other seizure disorders such as canine idiopathic epilepsy syndrome (CIE) which are characterized by recurrent unprovoked epileptic seizures affecting one half of the brain, and insomnia.

1. CBD Product Can Help With Arthritis And Other Joint Problems

CBD products are excellent at relieving chronic pain in dogs caused by arthritis or other joint problems. This is because they provide antioxidant support that helps to reduce swelling which is common in arthritis. They also can reduce stiffness and inflammation, making it easier for your pet to move without pain. 

This is helpful for dogs with CIE syndrome because often they experience pain when they have seizures or while trying to fall asleep. The calming effects of CBD will help your pet relax and get the rest that their body needs. You can find CBD for dogs online easily these days. Just be sure you choose a proper dose for your pet as little as 10mg can go a long way for certain animals.

2. CBD Product Can Help With Anxiety And Depression Issues

These products are excellent at relieving the symptoms of both anxiety and depression in dogs that are caused by stress or other factors outside of their control. They are particularly helpful for dogs that are anxious due to loud noises, fireworks during the 4th of July season, or even separation anxiety. CBD products can reduce stress and make it easier for your pet to feel safe and relaxed.

3. CBD Product Can Help With Epilepsy And Seizure Disorders

The next thing you should know is that CBD oil is great at reducing the frequency of seizures caused by epilepsy. They have even been shown to reduce the severity of some types of seizures. This can help your pet calm down more easily when they are experiencing a seizure episode, which in turn helps minimize injury to themselves or their surroundings. Seizures are very frightening for dogs, so being able to feel calmer during a seizure will go a long way toward reducing their anxiety and discomfort.

4. CBD Product Can Help With Chronic And Autoimmune Diseases

Reducing chronic pain, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases in dogs is another thing these products can help with. They can reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups they experience, which in turn helps reduce their overall stress levels and discomfort. Dogs that suffer from autoimmune-related disorders such as CIE have a significantly reduced quality of life, so being able to help your pet feel better can help improve both your pet’s physical and mental health.

5. CBD Product Can Help With Nausea

Nausea in dogs can come from a number of issues such as poisoning, eating something bad, or even the symptoms associated with CIE. CBD products can help manage nausea and reduce stress levels in dogs that feel sick often. This is especially helpful for pets that have to be on medications like chemotherapy or antibiotics daily, and it will also help them eat and drink more so that they can maintain a healthy weight.

6. CBD Oil Can Fight Cancer In Dogs

Last but not least, CBD oil is great at fighting cancer in dogs. It doesn’t have the same side effects as many traditional drugs and it can help reduce tumors over time too. If your dog has a diagnosed case of cancer or suffers from chronic pain or other symptoms associated with cancer, these products will be a big help for them.

They can have anti-tumor effects and even reduce the pain and nausea that come from chemotherapy. This helps your pet live a more normal and comfortable life and you can be there to support them through treatment.

7. CBD Oil Improve Cardiovascular Health 

In addition to the benefits we mentioned above, CBD oil also has been shown to improve cardiovascular health in dogs. This is especially true for pets that have a hard time breathing or experience elevated heart rates due to stress or other factors. For canines suffering from CVD, these products will be a great help and they might even see reduced lung issues over time. Keep in mind that CBD oil will not be as effective at reducing blood pressure compared to prescription medications, though.

8. As An Antioxidant 

CBD products are also great for your pet’s overall health because they act as an antioxidant. This means that they can reduce cell damage and prevent dangerous free radicals from destroying other cells in the body. When cells are damaged or killed, your pet’s body has to work overtime to fix itself and this can lead to other health issues over time. CBD products are very effective at fighting free radicals because they are not metabolized by the liver like traditional medicines.

9. CBD Oil Can Improve Metabolic Health

Finally, we wanted to mention that these products can also help improve metabolic health in dogs as well. Keeping your pet’s metabolism strong and healthy reduces the risk of your dog developing obesity and other related conditions such as diabetes over time. This is helpful for all breeds of dogs, so if you want to keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come, CBD oil might be a great addition to their overall health care plan.

CBD products can do a lot to help your pet’s health and well-being, but it never hurts to be educated about the different ways these oils might benefit canine health. Dogs that suffer from chronic pain or cancer in particular will see a huge improvement when they add CBD oil into their treatment plan. If you’re thinking of trying out one of these hemp supplements yourself, make sure you know what dosage is best for your dog. The last thing you want is an upset stomach on top of everything else!