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9 Signs That Your Personality Is Strong But You Are Actually Pretty Sensitive


Being sensitive means a lot in a world full of people. Many would consider it a weakness, and it really is if you give in to the melancholy and disappointment it can bring. However, once you start using your sensitivity as a strength, you will see that it can give you the ability to endure every challenge.

Being sensitive means that you have that ability to understand things as they truly are. Being tough means that you do not give in easily to the challenges these things bring. Combining both is a strength that not many possess, and this strength is what many admire.

These people can truly delve deep into the nature of things, they can understand people as they are, and they are strong enough to accept the truth, no matter how painful it may be. It is like they have managed to combine the polarities these traits represent into an entirely new and evolved way of thinking and behaving.

Are you one of these people? These 9 characteristics can reveal if you have managed to learn to combine sensitivity and toughness into something fascinating.

1. The world can be overwhelming for you

Your intense, sensitive nature makes you truly grasp the weight of the world and cope with it every day. However, you know how to handle yourself with this burden and understand the underlying truth in things.

Your firm control in life allows you to steer through the turbulent waters that life brings, but it all comes with the price of feeling overwhelmed from time to time.

2. You know how to set the right boundaries

People will always test their limits, and you are well aware of it. You are also aware that if you do not set boundaries, they will most likely think that there is no limit to what they are allowed to do.

This is why you are not afraid of calling them out on their misbehavior if needed and set the right boundaries. You are not snobbish in the process – you draw the line in a constructive manner, and others respect you for that.

3. You dedicate some time-off for yourself

Your strength is what people appreciate and makes them want for you to be by their side all the time. However, you know that this strength comes at a price, and you need to give yourself some time-out to recharge and relax.

Spending some time in nature is what would help you recharge the most, and you may have noticed that so far.

4. You would not date just anybody

We all like to bond with others, to be in a relationship that will give us the self-confidence that we crave for. Not you though. If you want to be in a relationship, that relationship has to be deep and meaningful.

You would never settle for a superficial Tinder date, or just getting close with somebody before you know them well. Moreover, your strong intuition plays a crucial role in deciding if that person is really worth your time.

5. You want people to be realistic with you

Some people tend to hide their true emotions and thoughts so as not to hurt the other person. The thing is, you can easily read these things by looking them in the eye, and you would very much prefer that they say them aloud.

There is no truth that can hurt you as much as dishonesty can. So, you prefer people who will be straightforward, no matter how unpleasant the truth may be.

6. You can do well without small talk

People like small talk – not you, though. Perhaps this may be why you cannot find a lot of close friends. You would rather stay alone forever than waste another minute on discussing people, brands, celebrities; you name it.

And you are not afraid to show your lack of interest in these topics. This will inspire hate in many around you, as they will think that you are acting as if you are superior. However, you know that there are far better things to talk about than that.

7. You are a good listener

When with people, you do not want to be the one who acts smart in every situation. You are much more interested in what they have to say and create your conclusions based on what is presented to you.

This trait allows you to be a very good listener, and you can always give a complete and most sincere advice to those who are willing to accept it. They should be prepared for some honest truth, though, as you do not prefer to mince words.

8. You do not crave for attention

Even though people usually have a high regard for your opinion and your attitude toward life, which puts you at the center of attention, you do not crave for such attention. You are in fact irritated when you see people do anything to get some attention.

You are aware of your qualities, and you share them generously with those who appreciate them. But this does not make you an attention parasite – you literally cannot stand those.

9. You like disconnecting yourself from everything

Although you are there, present for those who need you, you often prefer to disconnect yourself from the world and stay a while in your own world. And your world does not contain people – it contains thoughts, emotions, profound philosophies, and a higher understanding of the Self.

And you know how to disconnect in any situation. Somebody may be even talking to you, and you will suddenly disconnect and stop following because you need that escape right then.

You are tough, but you are also sensitive, and sensitivity requires some shielding if you want to endure everything. While your strength in character gives you the necessary soberness in handling things, being here in the world and then teleporting your mind back into your own world is something you frequently do.

No matter how much people may feel endangered by your presence, you always mean them well – and many know this. Fake people do not stand a chance with you, and those who want to harm you only end up hitting a wall that you have specially built for them.

Your composed character is something to be truly admired!