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9 Sure-Fire Ways to Win Him Back Without Hardly Trying


There’s no doubt that relationships are difficult. Even when two people are head-over-heels in love, sometimes things don’t end well.

Maybe you said or did something that he feels he can’t forgive. Perhaps you ended the relationship but have since had second thoughts.

No matter the reason you lost him, the fact is that he’s gone. And you want him back.

In this article, we’ll take a look at nine how to get him back for good, if that’s what you truly want.

1. Don’t Engage in Conversation If He Reaches Out

This probably sounds counterintuitive to you right now, but it’s the right way to go.

When you get a text or call from him, your immediate reaction will be to start engaging and telling him how much you miss him. Ignore this temptation and tell him that you’re not in a position to talk with him at this point.

Don’t be mean about it, but be matter-of-fact. Just let him know that you’re working on a lot of things personally right now, and that maybe you can talk at a later time.

2. Don’t Talk About Him in Public

It’s time to leave the victim mentality and the “feel sorry for me” conversations behind you. While you may feel the need to vent certain frustrations to friends, it’s best to keep them to yourself.

The last thing you need is for anything negative you say to someone else to get back to him.

Instead, keep a journal and write your feelings down when you need to.

3. Focus on Fitness and Your Health

End the days of laying around, moping, eating chocolate and drinking too much wine. Instead, start a simple workout routine that you can stick to.

Start eating healthy foods and get your body in shape. This will pay dividends whether you get back with him or not.

4. Don’t React If You Hear He’s Dating Someone Else

Of course you’re going to feel jealous. That’s a normal emotion in these situations. But the absolute worst thing you can do is to reach out to him and start asking questions.

He’ll immediately sense your jealousy, which he’ll find very unattractive. Take it in stride and trust that he’ll eventually realize how much better you are for him.

5. Make Decisions That Are Best for You

If you want to win him back, you can’t go wrong by improving yourself. But don’t make it about him. Make it about you.

With every decision you make throughout the day, whether big or small, ask yourself how it serves your life better.

6. Completely Disappear from His Life

This is a difficult one, but it needs to be done.

Don’t be spotted frequenting his workplace. Remove him from all of your social media pages. Don’t talk with his family.

Just be gone… for now.

This will be very difficult for him to swallow and will make him want to come back. Trust the process.

7. Look Good When You Go Out

Spend a little extra time each day making yourself look smoking hot. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but the word will get back to him very quickly.

8. Get Out There

Stop locking yourself up and wasting nights watching Netflix. Get out with friends and have some fun. It’ll take your mind off the situation and help you heal.

9. Set a Specific Goal

Keep in mind that this goal can’t have anything to do with him. Maybe it’s a goal of landing a new job. Or maybe you want to run your first half marathon.

No matter the goal, make it about you. Then start working toward it.

Winning Him Back Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Follow these nine steps and you’ll be well on your way to bringing him back into your life for good.

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Win Him Back Without Hardly Trying