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9 Types of Hugs And What Each Says About Your Relationship


If you could describe your relationship in one hug, which one would it be? There are many different ways you can hug your partner, but the one you use most dominantly is the one which describes your relationship best.

This is what the way you hug says about your relationship:

The Bear Hug

Also known as the Deadlock hug, this tight hug is filled with emotions that scream “I’ll never let go.” It is a hug which implies that your relationship is serious and filled with deep intense emotions. It is usually common at the beginning of the relationship, and it is also very natural for couples in love when they have not seen each other for a longer period.

However, if this hug frequently persists in what seems to be a mature and steady relationship, you should talk to your partner, as this indicates a fear of loss. Give your partner the security they need and let them know that you are always theirs.

The Polite Hug

Leaving space between when hugging, especially in the lower part of the body, is a sign that your partner feels uncomfortable with you or is dejected about something. While it may occur after some disputes, hugs like this that occur for no reason are a sign that your partner does not want to come close.

The Legs-Around-Waist Hug

This hug, where one partner simply jumps and wraps their legs around the other partner’s waist, signifies a great deal of physical attraction and intense passion. If you hug like this, it is most likely that many could envy your life in the bedroom.

The Stand-Still Hug

This one-way hug, where one partner hugs will all their might, and the other would not even lift an arm, is a sign of lack of reciprocation. It signifies that the partner who is standing still is not quite into the whole relationship idea, while the other is all about the relationship. You should see what is wrong or reconsider your choice because someone is already doing that.

The Intimate Hug

Hugging and maintaining eye contact is a sign of great intimacy and a beautiful connection. It is not said in vain that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and this is why this hug tells of a connection which is much deeper than the physical touch. If you hug like this often, your relationship is one that not many have the luck to experience and no cheating spouse.

The Buddy Hug

Hugging with your partner sideways, with your arm over their shoulder (and vice versa), means that you do not only see your relationship through romance, but you also have great trust between each other, and you can firmly say that you are also best friends. It is a very nice combination, and it signifies a great deal of trust.

The Back Hug

This hug, when one partner is turned with their back and the other hugs them from behind, is one that shows a lot of trust and protection. The partner who is turning their back trusts the other enough to do that, and the hugger subconsciously offers protection by ‘having their back.’ If that is not love, then nothing is.

The Pampered Hug

This hug is one which signifies a deeply caring nature and is usually followed by gentle tapping on the back. It is normal for an elder person to hug you like this when they show concern and care, but this type of hug does not leave relationships out. It is just not that common with couples.

The Pervert Hug

Hugging your partner and grabbing their ass in public without feeling any shame (and enjoying it), is one way this hug can develop. But no matter what perverted thing you do while you hug, the pervert hug only goes to tell how intense your sexual attraction is for one another. You must have some wild nights together.

So, if you could give your relationship a hug name, which would it be?

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