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9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Connected To Emotional States


Today, many experts believe that physical pain is the body’s response to different emotions within us.

When life gets hard, it can lead us to feel more negative emotions than positive. This overwhelming emotional state can further manifest in feeling physical pain too.

Our spirit and body are intertwined. So, it becomes that much important to start listening to the signals our body is sending us. Only by pure emotional and physical awareness, we can be able to detect and effectively treat our issues.  

Here are 9 kinds of physical pain that you might be experiencing as a result of different emotional states:

1.     Pain In Your Head

Headaches are often indicators that you are under a lot of stress. Try to spend more time relaxing and do the things you love. Walking in nature, reading, painting, exercising, and meditating are good ways for stress relief.

2.     Pain In Your Neck

This type of pain is probably a sign that you have trouble with letting things go and forgiving others. You should accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes and it is only human to be able to forgive. Start seeing people in a loving way and try not to let their mistakes get the best of you.   

3.     Pain In Your Shoulders

Shoulder pain is an indicator of having an emotional blockage and burden inside of you. It may be something that is bothering you from within, but you are choosing to ignore it. Try to dig deeper and find the real cause of the problem, and then focus on solving it.  

4.     Pain In Your Upper Back

Pain in your upper back usually means that you lack emotional support. You may be feeling a little lonely, unappreciated, or even unloved. Whatever the reason, try to connect to those people close to you, and if you are single, it’s time to start dating.

5.     Pain In Your Lower Back

This kind of pain may be a sign that you are worrying too much about your financial situation. Maybe you are in a financial crisis right now, or perhaps money is a touchy subject for you and you are always worried about it. Try to regain control over this matter by managing your money carefully, or ask a financial expert to help you.

6.     Pain In Your Elbows

Elbow pain may signalize that you approach life in a rigorous and planned way. Also, it is a sign of your unwillingness to change. The stiffer your elbows are, the stiffer the life you are leading. Try to be more flexible and shake things up from time to time.  

7.     Pain In Your Hands

This type of pain can be a sign that you are not reaching to people in the way you want. You should go out and start making new friends as well as reestablishing the connection with your old ones because every relationship requires effort and real investing.

8.     Pain In Your Hips

The hips are connected to your legs, so the pain in your hip area may be a sign of your fear to move. The soreness that you experience in your hips can be connected to your resistance to make a decision and move further in life. You should consider taking a leap from time to time without worrying too much about the consequences.

9.     Pain In Your Knees

Knee pain is associated with your ego. If you are experiencing this type of pain, it can mean that your ego is a little too big, and you think very highly of yourself. Even though a little ego never hurt anyone, having too much of it is not a good thing. Start appreciating others, and be humble and caring. Doing volunteer work can also help.

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