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9 Uncomfortable Signs That You Are Slowly Transforming Into The Person You Were Always Meant To Be


Growth means change. And change is a necessary part of this journey called life.

Here are 9 positive signs that you are changing and slowly becoming the person that you were always meant to be:

 1. You have a strong urge to end some relationships and cut ties with people who have no meaning in your life. As you begin to question your relationships you realize that some people should no longer have a place in your heart.

2. You realize that you have to work hard on yourself. You are completely aware of all the issues that you are going throw. You know the source of your insecurities, fears, and doubts. You know that the key to your self-growth lies within you. You acknowledge this fact and give your best efforts to overcome your issues.

3. You cannot open your heart and confide in other people. And it is not only because you are selective about who you hang out. Mostly it is because you’ve already been through many things in life and those experiences have shaped you into a person who doesn’t put up with other people’s nonsense.

4. You feel like you don’t have enough time for everything you wish to do. You are always running, multitasking and doing all at once, but somehow there’s not enough time for you to do everything. It seems as though 24 hours a day are not enough for you. There is always something that you want to do. This is a sign that your ambitions are growing bigger and bigger.

5. You catch yourself feeling lost and a bit confused at times. Even though you seem strong and certain, the insecurities inside of you are weighing you down and making you feel a bit anxious about where you are headed in life.

6. You regret your past mistakes. You are in fact, completely aware of your bad decisions. But the fact that you are not in the corner, pitying yourself, but instead you’re accepting your mistakes as your lessons show that you’re indeed growing up and becoming a more mature person.

7. You know how sadness feels like. You’ve been through many heartbreaking life experiences that that made you too familiar with the feeling of sorrow. But even though you’ve struggled, and even though you still feel the pain, you are strong enough to embrace those experiences as a part of you and let them teach you a lesson.

8. You get easily bored with life. You are addicted to a certain dynamic. You are always on the go. That is why it feels strange and boring when you stop for a second. Life gets easily boring to you because you no longer deal with people and things that are not worthy of your attention.

9. You can feel that you are growing up fast and that makes you miss your careless childhood. You live independently on your own, you enjoy working on your future and chasing your goals, but somehow there is a part of you that still misses those days when you were close to your family and loved ones. It’s not that you don’t see them anymore. This new phase of your life reminds you that you are slowly growing and becoming a completely different person.

9 Uncomfortable Signs That You Are Slowly Transforming Into The Person You Were Always Meant To Be