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9 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming Who You’re Truly Meant To Be


What’s more satisfying than becoming the person you always imagined you could be? Well, becoming that person requires you to go through certain important changes.

Most of the changes can make you feel uncomfortable or even dissatisfied with yourself. Yet, don’t take this as a sign that you’ve failed, but as a sign that you’ve become more self-aware. A sign that you’re able to see your faults, insecurities, and fears. A sign that now, you’re more prepared and willing to make things work and become a better version of yourself.

Don’t let the changes you’re going through confuse or upset you. Instead of that, try to embrace them and open yourself up to new experiences.

Here are the 9 uncomfortable signs you’re becoming the person you’re supposed to be:

1. You do things on your own.

You feel that you can do things by yourself without depending on others for help and approval. When you have an important and difficult task to complete, you don’t postpone it until later or wait for others to do it for you, but you take an action yourself and do your best to fulfill it. The feeling of independence makes you feel strong and proud of yourself, but sometimes, it makes you feel lonely and isolated from others.

Yet, you don’t let these feelings overcome you as you know that you’ve never said or done anything that shows you want to end your relationships with people or that you won’t be there for them when they need you.

2. There’s always something more you want to achieve.

If you enjoyed doing the same things before, now you get easily bored with the same routines and hobbies. You’re more willing to gain new experiences and accept challenges. Once you achieve one goal you set a new one. You believe in your abilities and want to reach your greatest potential. You know that there are always bigger and better things to achieve.

3. You know that you have your own issues to deal with.

The fact that you’re more self-aware now makes you see yourself from an objective perspective and realize that you have imperfections you need to work on. Whether it’s your past mistakes, bad habits, lack of confidence, trust issues, or failures, you don’t let them intimidate you or become an impediment to your happiness and success. Instead of that, you put in a lot of effort and do your best to take control of and overcome them.

4. You know well what it feels like to be sad.

Just because you feel more confident and independent now it doesn’t mean you’re immune to sadness. You can have your heart broken, be disappointed by someone you hold dear, lose a loved one, or fail in something, but you have the strength and willingness to accept them. When you’re going through a difficult period, you don’t let your sadness interfere with your decisions or actions. You try to be patient, have faith, and pluck up the courage to overcome your sadness and move on.

5. You don’t easily buy other people’s BS.

Your trust in people close to you has been broken many times. They made empty promises, lied to, and cheated on you. As a result, you’re more careful who you trust now. You believe those who have proved that they’re loyal to you and deserve your trust. Yet, even if you notice that someone dear to you isn’t completely honest with you, you’re more prepared to deal with and distance yourself from them because you know who you are and you’re satisfied with yourself.

6. You feel the need to break off toxic and damaging relationships.

You analyze your relationships with your friends and family members and realize that some of them have a highly negative influence on your life and therefore they aren’t worth keeping. You have the confidence and strength to distance yourself from people who suck the happiness and energy out of you, upset and discourage you. Although isolating from someone who was close and important to you before may hurt your feelings, you know this is a necessary step so as to protect your mental and emotional health.

7. You admit and regret your past mistakes.

You know that blaming yourself for your past mistakes and indulging in self – pity is of no use. You’re aware of all the bad decisions and mistakes you made in the past, but you aren’t ashamed or afraid to accept them. Moreover, you learn from them and move forward. You’re also careful not to make the same mistakes again.

8. You feel insecure about your future.

When you’re becoming the person you’re truly meant to be, you have high self-esteem. Yet, this doesn’t make you 100% sure that all your aspirations and dreams about your future will come true. You know that life is unpredictable and that’s why you’re sometimes insecure about your future. Yet, you don’t allow this to intimidate you. You don’t spend your time worrying about your future, but you always try to fulfill your responsibilities and tasks.

9. You feel like you never have enough time.

You know that laziness won’t do you any good so you try to keep yourself busy during the whole day. You never postpone your daily tasks and you’re more than willing to add new responsibilities to the list. That’s why you often feel like you’re running out of time. Moreover, there’re days when you’re so busy that it’s very hard for you to devote some time to yourself or to your loved ones. Yet, you know that with good organization and time management you can accomplish anything you want.