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9 Ways To Cleanse Your Home From Negative Energy And Raise Your Vibration


Your living space is the source of your quality of life, and things don’t make it better or worse – the way you handle your home reflects on how you handle your life. Keeping an energetically clean home is very important if you want to have a strong and positive vibration.

Your home is the place where you allow your energy to recharge and replenish itself, especially during sleep, and this openness to your living space can be as harmful as it can be good, depending on how much care you put into it.

So, here are 9 ways you can cleanse your home from negative energy.

1. Clean up the clutter

If there’s a physical clutter in your home, there is an energetic clutter in your life. Whenever you leave your place in a mess and, even more worryingly, you sleep in that mess, your life gets messier.

So, before you start doing any advanced cleansing techniques, it’s important that you keep your place as clean and as simple as possible.

2. Throw out any things that carry negativity from the past

We tend to hold on to so many things in life, and in many cases, objects that are connected to past memories. If you have things that are related to a negative person from your past, or from a negative event, it’s time to let those things go and move on.

Objects that radiate with negativity (because you have put that thought into them) will transfer that pain to you every time you are around them.

3. Open windows and bring in plants

Especially in the morning and before going to bed, changing the air in the room and letting in some freshness from outside is very important. Also – let some light inside, don’t close the curtains.

And bring in plants. Plants are known for their cleansing properties and are one of the energetically purest living things you can find.

4. Himalayan salt lamps

Getting your home a Himalayan salt lamp is an investment you won’t regret. The crystal structure of the salt breaks the negative energy and allows the positive energy to become more powerful.

Which is more, the health benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp are numerous.

5. Crystals

Getting yourself some crystals is a very nice way to boost your energy flow, as well as the energy flow of your home. Crystals vibrate with the frequency of the Earth and each comes with its own vibrational qualities.

Choose whichever crystal seems most beautiful to you, that way you know it will be working in the field you need most work on. Follow your intuition.

6. Don’t invite negative people over

Sometimes, we think that being nice will make these people learn to behave nicely. Other times, we simply don’t know why we are even around them. Whatever the case, don’t let them inside your home.

Their negativity will suck the positive energy from your home and will leave an energetic chaos in which you will be forced to sit, eat, sleep, you name it.

7. Meditate

Meditation helps the mind calm down, and it helps the energy to vibrate on a higher and clearer level. However, what you might not have known is that meditation also cleanses the space around you.

Assign a specific place for meditation in your room or house – a place where people won’t come and go. From that place, you can radiate with a pure energy and help bring in positivity into your home.

8. Practice gratitude

Being grateful for what you have is very important. Of course, we can always have more things that can make our lives better or easier, but you should never underestimate the life you have been blessed with.

And being grateful means nurturing, maintaining, and respecting the life you live. Gratitude is the key to happiness.

9. Do more of the things you love

Your home is your temple. It’s a place where you should experience genuine happiness and calmness. Doing the things you love generates these feelings and they project the energy into your living space.

It’s a win-win, really. And how can it not be? Your home is a reflection of yourself, and your life is the reflection of your home. Treat it nicely and with respect.