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9-Year-Old Star Child Who Claims To Be Able To Heal Waters Warns Society To ‘Wake Up’


We all come with some kind of purpose in our lives that can contribute to the whole of society’s growth, both on a material and spiritual level. To be able to achieve this purpose, our vibration programs our abilities and unlocks special abilities from the endless possibilities we are abundant with.

Such is the case of the Star Children, who come to this dimension to help in the spiritual growth of those around them and contribute to the much-needed growth of our planet and us as its children.

We are constantly evolving, and the Star Children are the next evolutionary chain that are much more spiritually aware than the rest of us, and they come with special gifts, such as healing abilities, extra-sensory perception, Universal wisdom, and many other ‘super-powers.’

Author Mary Rodwell highlights their existence in her book The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage, explaining that although they are physically indistinguishable to most humans, they are the bringers of light who are here to guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness.

“The New Children are born without programs and will bring about a Global Awakening,” she explains. The ‘programs’ she is referring to are the illusions we are all taught about reality that are largely defined by tradition and generally-acceptable ‘norms’.

Swedish molecular biologist Dr. Ohlson, Ph.D., is one of the scientists who have dedicated their career in deciphering the mystery around these children who possess a different sense of reality.

To describe them, she coined a new term – ‘letter people,’ pointing to a number of scientifically-proven differences between them and the average American. “It is not so simple as foreign DNA. It’s a combination of genetically improved bodies, in combination with souls from different pales in our Universe, incarnating in these ‘improved’ bodies,” she explains.

“The souls have different frequencies/vibrations depending on their evolutionary status and that plays a role in activation of the DNA in that particular body,” she continues, explaining that they can hear above normal range, are more aware of “minute differences in the shades of color than normal,” they have an enhanced sense of smell and taste, exhibit greater sensitivity to all frequencies, radioactive radiation, as well as energy fields and energy beaming from angry people or animals.

Nine-year-old Cathy from Northern Europe is one of the children Mary Rodwell lists with ‘star-child’ abilities, and this girl claims to possess the ability to heal and purify waters, by speaking “star languages.”

Her mother contacted Rodwell to share what Cathy could do and the message she wanted the world to hear. In the email, she explains that Cathy could speak ‘star languages’ to heal water.

“At the time of my first pregnancy, a ‘voice’ told me my children were not mine. They would only come through me. These children belong to no one. It wasn’t until recently that I was aware there were such things as extra-terrestrials,” she writes, explaining that she’s a mother of four.

She describes Cathy as a special girl who “finds the conventional world and rules difficult.” She has a difficulty understanding why she isn’t allowed to do things her own way. She goes on saying that by ‘dictating some healing words in an ET language,’ she can heal and purify water.

“I noticed the water actually tasted different afterward. She says that star languages are from a place outside the Universe. Cathy receives messages in ET languages and understands what they are saying to her. She says that they are important.”

If this is true, then it further shows just how little we are aware of what existence really encompasses and how much we have still to learn about the Universe and our abilities as not only material but also as spiritual beings.

Perhaps the most important message Cathy is trying to send to us all is to wake up and realize how we are affecting our reality. Listen to her message below and let us know what you think on this subject.


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