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A 70-Year-Old Grandma Cleaned 52 Beaches In A Year And Showed Everyone That It’s Not Late To Save Our Planet


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but our home is falling apart. Plant Earth is slowly dying. Humanity is recklessly polluting it as if there is a planet B out there. We behave as if there is another home for us in the universe. A place that we can inhabit after we’re done destroying this planet.

Well, guess what? THERE ISN’T.

This is our only home and it is up to us to take care of it. It is our duty to start doing that by cleaning after ourselves, not using plastic, planting more trees, recycling, reusing and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. These are some of the most important steps that we should all start doing if we want to save our planet.

Pat Smith is one of those heroes that know how crucial this subject is, so she decided to take the matter into her own hands. This 70-year-old grandmother from the UK, Cornwall saw one documentary about plastic pollution and got immediately worried about the problem. She barely slept that night, so when she got up the next morning, she decided that she isn’t going to pretend like nothing is happening.




So, she challenged herself to clean as much as she can in 2018. Her mission was one beach per week. A lot of people from her hometown supported her idea and with the help of her family and some volunteers, she managed to clean up 52 beaches in Cornwall.

And that was just the beginning for her.

After her first, successfully finished project, Pat Smith launched a campaign called The Final Straw. With this campaign, Smith wanted to raise awareness of the harm and uselessness of the plastic straws. Her mission was to convince people how completely unnecessary single-use plastic is and how harmful it is to marine life and our planet.

Think about it. Plastic is designed to serve us because it is cheaper and lighter, but it is destroying our lives. Plastic straws and single-use plastic, in general, outlive every human being on this planet. That is why we are drowning in garbage. That is why we’re experiencing the greatest global catastrophe.



We have to start thinking about this and we have to start changing our habits. Because ultimately, our choices will shape our future as well as the future of every other living being around us.

So, please. Every time you get the urge to make a stupid comment or mock someone for carrying their products in their hands instead of buying plastic bags, remember that everything starts with YOU.


I may not be powerful enough to clean planet Earth on my own, but I am powerful enough to spread the message and raise awareness about plastic pollution. And so is Pat Smith.

That is something that we must all do if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life on Earth.


So, tell me. Are you ready to start spreading the message?  

More importantly, what have you done about plastic pollution so far?

Feel free to share your story in the comments.