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A Beginners Guide To Relay Racing: What it is And How to Get Started


Going to a race with your friend circle – whether it’s an international marathon or a local 5K – is an extraordinary experience. After all, you can turn literally anything boring into a fun and exciting thing with the people you know, right?

Well, the same goes for relay racing too. 

But, here’s the thing. Participating in a race is something to be proud of. However, winning it against the odds is even sweeter, no? So, if you want to ace the race, you’ll have to find a way to prepare yourself for it. Keep reading to get more information on it.

What is Relay Racing?

A relay race is an event where around four members run an equally predetermined distance in order to win the race. However, if it’s not an official event, you may need even more people.

For example, if you are running in a Ragnar relay race, you will have to cover a distance of at least twelve miles. In that case, you will need to have 12 people in your team so that they can cover the same stretch while running. The distance might increase depending on the race.

In a relay race, the first runner would carry a baton (a rod-like component) in their hands. It’ll be given to the second runner and so on after they have completed the required distance.

How to Train for a Relay Race?

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Unlike a 100-meter sprint, training for a relay racing event will be entirely different. Be sure to read till the end to know more regarding this context:

1: Add Double Runs in Your Routine

Sometimes, in a relay race, you’ll have to run twice or thrice per day. Si, to take care of this difficult situation, you will need to ensure that you are well-trained and have the stamina too.

And for that, adding double runs in your regime will be perfect in every aspect.

To work on it, you will need to break down your longer running session into some sequences. Also, try to gradually decrease the time limit that you are using to run a single lap.

This way, it will be easier for you to train your legs and lungs to keep up with your body. The more you practice, the higher your stamina ceiling will reach. So, start working from today!

2: Avoid Warming Up Sometimes

In a relay race, you will hardly get the time to warm up properly if you are running more than once. Hence, if you want to get your body used to this, you’ll need to work on it as well.

However, as you’re going to exert your body extensively, it might be best to learn a stretching exercise or two. You can use them whenever you want, even when waiting for the runners.

Also, be sure to drink a lot of water while you are working out. This way, it will be easier for your muscles to reduce the fatigue and ensure that you are not straining them anytime soon.

3: Go for a Proper Diet Plan

Many people think that not eating enough would be ideal for their health, as they won’t put on any weight at all. However, it doesn’t work like that at all. 

When it comes to running, you will need a massive burst of energy. And in order to acquire it, you will need to eat a lot. Eating junk food will only affect your health.

But having a well-filled breakfast and light dinner can go a long way for anyone. Maintaining a healthy and fit body will be a staple to win any race. And you can only get it through eating.

Win It Together!

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Relay race is a team game. You can’t win it alone or with an excellent solo performance. 

So, before you begin your training session, make sure to sit down with your team and create a plan. It should be proper, all-inclusive, and extensive.

Just make sure that everyone knows what role they have to play properly. This way, the issues with communication won’t appear when all of you are running collectively.