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A Comprehensive Guide On House Address Numbers

steel House Address Numbers

It goes without saying that address house numbers are extremely important elements of the house exterior design. Even if you don’t want to bother yourself with design, you have to look for such solutions because they might be simply required by legal regulations in your place of residence. House numbers are vital not just to mark your dwelling for legal documentation but to ensure better navigation for emergency and postal services. Thus, you need to know more about this type of door plaques. Here we have the most important aspects covered.

Choosing Appropriate Materials

It’s important to look for high-quality door signs for those who don’t want to change them frequently. In that regard, you have to consider that house address number signs are placed outdoors, meaning they are prone to weather impact and some other factors. That’s why it’s important to choose a durable material that won’t suffer major damage even in harsh conditions.

We suggest you consider house address numbers made of stainless steel. These are durable solutions that are difficult to scratch or damage in any other way. Or you might also consider plates made of acrylic glass. However, keep in mind that they require proper maintenance to last longer. It’s easier to scratch acrylic glass compared to stainless steel.

Considerations on Sign’s Size and Shape

The durability of a plate material is important but isn’t the only feature to pay attention to. Since the priority function of a door number is to ensure smoother navigation, this number has to be visible. There are several factors that ensure sign’s visibility:

  • Placement;
  • Shape;
  • Size;
  • Design & Style;
  • Background surface.

Let’s stop on shape and size. It’s obvious that a small house number won’t be visible from the road. Small-sized door numbers are relevant inside the premises, but not outside. While regular signs are around 130×130 mm in size, address plates should be at least 500×300 mm. The shape of the plate shouldn’t be too sophisticated as well in order to distract one from the number itself. Regular options like round and rectangular shapes will perfectly perform their functions.

Ensuring Firm Mount

Weather conditions might be very harsh, impacting not only the visual look of a number sign but its actual placement as well. In order to avoid an address sign being dismounted consider solutions with firm mount systems.

Tape or glue mounts might be effective indoors. But with the rain and strong wind outside, they might appear less durable. That’s why we suggest that house address numbers should be attached with the use of screws. You can insert such a sign in just three simple steps by drilling holes, screwing pins, and placing the sign, but the service time will be much longer.

Several Tips on Choosing the Best Design

Finally, we believe that the aesthetical features are never less important than functional ones. Use these tips to make your house address number look stylish:

  • Use standard contrastive colors like black/gray and white — they have a classy and sleek look.
  • Use simple and coherent fonts.
  • Use simple shapes that match the door sizes and styles.

That’s it! We hope that with this guide you will be able to smoothly go through all the complexities of choosing a house address number sign.