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A Deeper Dive Into Cannabis And Bursitis Relief


Medical marijuana has gained huge momentum and has built strong credibility throughout the last few years. It has become a widely used treatment option due to its potent and effective health properties.

CBD: It Can Be Life-Changing

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the main active compounds within the cannabis plant. According to the World Health Organization, CBD does not carry a risk for dependence or abuse. This weed ingredient is used to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is highly effective in alleviating chronic pain, including joint, neuropathic, and muscle pain.

The strongest scientific evidence underlines CBD’s effectiveness in treating childhood epilepsy, including Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. Oftentimes, anti-seizure medications are not effective in these cases. CBD has not only reduced the frequency of these seizures but in many cases it caused them to fully stop.

Because cannabidiol provides such potency and efficacy in alleviating painful and inflammatory conditions, it shows great promise for Bursitis as well. Bursitis is a condition that comes with a huge amount of pain. This condition affects the bursae (fluid sacks) and it mainly occurs in the shoulder, hip, and elbow, but can often times also affect other areas, such as your knee, heel, or even the base of your big toe.

Bursitis: A Better Understanding

The placement of the bursae within our bodies is near the joints, and it plays the role of a protective cushion for muscles, bones, and tendons. These fluid sacks prevent friction and pressure.

Bursitis is mainly caused by repetitive motions that create pressure on the bursae. These types of motions include leaning on your elbows for a significant amount of time, extensive kneeling, baseball throwing, and others. Injury or trauma can also cause this condition to develop. Inflammatory arthritis, such as infection, or rheumatoid arthritis can represent causes as well.

The symptoms of Bursitis happen in the area of the joints, and it involves significant pain and swelling. The affected joint can become seemingly swollen and red, and it usually hurts during movement or when pressure is applied to it. It is also common for the area to feel stiff.

Cannabis For Bursitis

Specific research between marijuana and this condition cannot be found, but the weed’s anti-inflammatory effects are not questionable. CBD enhances and strengthens the functions of our natural endocannabinoids, enabling higher efficacy for a longer time.

Because CBD plays a huge role in alleviating inflammation in the body and effectively reducing pain levels, the best marijuana products to help with Bursitis would be those that offer generous amounts of CBD.

There are also THC dominant cannabis strains such as the Mimosa weed strain. Similar to CBD, they offer the same medicinal benefits with the additional high effects. Try it out and see!

CBD products, because they don’t contain THC (which is the psychoactive ingredient), are widely sought after by medical marijuana patients, because it offers the benefits of its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties without the “high.” This also means that CBD products are easily tolerated by patients because they come with a significantly low risk for unpleasant side effects.

CBD Products: What To Consider

As with any other product, before making your choice, there are always a few factors that should be looked at to get the best results. It is highly recommended to go for the quality, such as sold by various weed online dispensaries. In this case, a Full-Spectrum CBD product that contains a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids might offer the best benefits. It is important to choose a laboratory tested high-quality product that has the information on its cannabinoid content.

Different consumption methods might offer different results as well. Marijuana concentrates are highly potent, oils and edibles are easy to consume, but for Bursitis it is believed that topicals provide the most effective results.

According to research, CBD applied topically can decrease the pain and swelling just within a few days. Creams, lotions, and sprays can act fast and effectively because they directly target the affected area.

Helpful Tips For Prevention

The following tips can help prevent certain types of Bursitis, and they can reduce the risk and severity of its symptoms.

  • Warm-up and stretching: this can protect your joints from injury before strenuous activity.
  • Lift properly: do not lean over and lift from your back, instead kneel and use your legs to lift.
  • Exercise: this will strengthen your muscles, which will then protect your joints.
  • Take breaks frequently: if you can’t sit down because there is too much to do, then try to alternate between tasks.
  • Wheel the heavy items: avoid carrying heavy loads, because this will place a lot of pressure on the fluid sacks in your shoulder.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: extra weight can be hard on your joints.
  • Use kneeling pads: this will reduce the pressure on your knees.