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A Guide on Getting the Best Advertising in New York


New York City is a magical place where dreams are made for many. As one of the oldest cities in the country, this mecca is one of the premier destinations in the world. New York is a hub for top businesses, the financial market, Broadway musicals, museums, and television shows. 

When you walk around the streets of New York, it feels like nothing else you will ever experience. The streets are alive with foot traffic, buildings are always buzzing, and there are activities anywhere you go.

Throughout the city, you see different types of people. Some areas see more foot traffic from tourists or tour groups, whereas other parts of the city may a higher presence of locals and business professionals.

Various Areas in the City

Throughout the city, there are various burrows or districts. Each area has a different feel to it.

With the most notoriety, Times Square is the most well know city square in the world. This area in New York brings travelers from around the world, just to snap a picture in Times Square. Times Square may have the most foot traffic and is typically a coveted location for advertisers from large companies that carry an endless budget of advertising dollars.

Another popular area in New York City in the Financial District. This area is the home to the stock exchange, hedge funds, and financial companies. In this area, you will find many people that work in the area heading to and from their offices.

New York City isn’t all buildings, there is also the world-renowned Central Park. For many locals, this park is one of the few places they can lay a blanket and sit outside. This park has many paths to walk and things to see. The park will attract both locals and visitors.

Depending on where you decide to advertise in the city, you will reach a different demographic. Before purchasing advertisement space, take a detailed look at your marketing plan to see who your ideal customer or client is. With over 8 million people in the city, you will be sure to find some new customers with the paid advertisements.

Where to Advertise in New York City

New York City is a unique city and one of the best cities. Whereas many cities have a more drivable audience, New York City sees the most foot traffic. Many people in this city do not have cars and rely on public transportation, like the subway, taxi cabs, or walking. When planning to advertise in New York City, keep in mind the way people move about the city and where the most exposure for the advertisement will be. With this in mind, outdoor advertising in new york is the best option for your company. Potential customers or clients will see your advertisement as they are movings around the city.

In New York, the most popular places to advertise include the following—

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are seen more frequently as technology advances in the world. With a digital billboard, everything can be set up remotely and uploaded into the billboard. The advertisements can be times for the advertising hours paid for. The owner of the billboard can maximize the digital billboard sales because these billboards require less transition time when switching from ad to ad.

Conventional Billboards

Conventional billboards are typically what you see on many of the highways. These billboards will showcase an advertisement that must be installed by a professional. These types of advertisements typically take more lead time. The graphics must be approved and the art must be prepared in advance before the professional installs it.

New York City Transit

With New York City relying on the public transportation system so much, advertising in these spaces is a fantastic option. The New York City Subway and Bus System are used by the majority of people in the city. They use this transportation to get from one end of Manhattan to the other and all of the surrounding areas. Many people ride for several stops and will be face to face with your advertisement for an extensive time.

Wildposting Around The City

In the city, there are many spots where Wildposting can be done. Wildposting is done when static posters can be placed in large numbers in multiple locations. You may see this on a wall that is covered by side-by-side posters for the same advertisement. Wildposting is very cost-effective and should be done in high-traffic areas.