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A Guide To Convex Observation Mirrors

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Convex Observation Mirrors: Everything You Need To Know

A convex observation mirror is an incredibly useful piece of equipment that has a variety of uses. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly convex observation mirrors are and where or what they’re used for, keep reading, as in this guide, we’ll answer those questions. We’ll also provide several tips on what to pay attention to when buying convex mirrors. (1)

Convex observation mirrors: What are they?

To help you understand what a convex observation mirror is, we’ll compare this type of mirror to a plane one.

A plane, or standard, mirror has a flat surface and reflects an image at the same angle it encounters its smooth, reflective surface with slight distortion. For example, if you look into a plane mirror, you’ll see your own face. And no matter what angle you stand at, the mirror will produce an upright and symmetrical image of the corresponding shape and size.

On the other hand, the surface of a convex observation mirror isn’t flat. Instead, it sticks out from the edges, thereby allowing you to have way broader view without having to change your angle of vision.

What are the applications of convex observation mirrors?

A convex observation mirror has a variety of uses, both indoors and outdoors, including scientific instrumentation.  However, for those who don’t have specialized knowledge of this type of mirror, we can say that convex observation mirrors have two main applications:


A convex observation mirror is commonly used to prevent and reduce shoplifting in small retail shops. Placing the mirror at a blind spot, at the end of aisles, or at a narrow passage allows the cashier to have a wide view of those critical areas in the shop. This helps strengthen security and reduce the risk of shoplifting as well.

Even in stores with a large number of employees, this type of mirror helps dedicated security staff keep an eye on those around them and the store more easily, particularly if the mirrors are placed in areas where items shoplifters usually target are stored or in other critical areas, such as the alcohol aisle.


You can commonly find convex observation mirrors placed on fences or trees on narrow roads and roads with sharp turns. They’re usually placed opposite off-road tracks, alleys, and driveways, which helps drivers see around sharp or awkward corners and thus avoid approaching vehicles or simply pull out and merge onto the highway safely.

Convex observation mirrors are used in other places as a safety tool as well, such as in construction sites. Convex mirrors on construction sites allow drivers to move around the site safely and have a wider view of the vehicles they might be approaching if they leave the site as well.

Moreover, this type of mirror is also commonly found in car parks, factories, and distribution centers so that drivers and workers can safely move around the site. Convex mirrors are especially used in warehouses to help workers on foot know where forklift trucks are moving and thus avoid costly surprises.

What should you pay attention to when buying a convex observation mirror?


Ensure that your mirror is suitable for the purpose you’ll be using it for. For example, if you need to view from a great distance and have a panoramic view, you should buy a larger convex mirror. But if the place you intend to attach the mirror to is quite close to your viewpoint, then buying a smaller mirror will probably be a better choice.


If you’re going to use your convex observation mirror outdoors, make sure it has weather protection to prolong its external use and save yourself from the trouble of having to change it. (2)

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