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A Guide to Lapis Lazuli Stones and Their Meaning

Lapis lazuli stones

Lapis lazuli stones are one of many incredibly popular gemstones that can be found at metaphysical shops and online. They boast a gorgeous blue and white-grey marble coloration and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can even get them poished or raw.

But have you ever wondered what this beautiful stone means? What it can be used for? Or, how to pick the perfect lapis lazuli stone for you?

If so, you’re in luck. Today’s article is going to cover all three of these topics in detail.


Lapis lazuli is said to be “the wisdom stone”. It dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, who depicated them in scrolls and paintings, and adorned their royalty with them. They also ground the stone into powder and used it for cosmetics.

Ancient Persion people also beieved in the power of the stone to bestow knowledge, with most of the population having a firm belief that the stone was really the sky shrunken down into a stone, which would then contain all the knowledge of the universe.

Today, it’s incorporated into jewelry and kept in stone collections to help its keeper make big decisions and, in true lapis lazuli fashion, give the holder knowledge and clarity of mind.


As we briefly mentioned, this beautful blue stone is often used for making jewelry. It can be found in bracelets, on necklaces, and worked into hair accessories. In addition, it’s also a common stone to simply have whether it be in a purse, briefcase, backpack, or on a dedicated shelf within the home.

Some artisits choose to use the stone in mosiacs and make homemade beads with them. They may also use them to create small sculptures, with the owl being a popular choice of muse for its traditional connection to wisdom. 

Choosing A Lapis Lazuli Stone

When it comes to choosing the perfect stone, there a few things to consider.


Your prefence will play into what stone stands out to you. Do you want a pure blue lapis lazuli? Do you like the gold specks of pyrite tha many specimens contain? What size do you prefer? Each of these questions is going to reduce your candidates for the perfect stone.


To start, this stone is relatively affordable in its raw form — that is, the form that has been plucked straght from the source and has not been polished or otherwise worked on. As more work is put into a stone, its cost goes up. That’s why cabochon style, polished stones with diamond encrusted centers are so much more costly than a raw specimen with no additional shine.


Consider what your stone will be used for. If you’re planning on using it to make a broach or a peice of jewelry, you may need a certain size and shape, whereas this likely won’t be so important if you’re simply wanting to add a lapis lazuli to your rock and gem collection. 

The lapis lazuli is a beautiful stone with a ton of great uses and a pleasant meaning. Its a stone that everyone should have in their collection or on the person -you never know when you’ll need a bit of additional wisdom to get you through the day.