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A Heart-To-Heart Letter To The Girl Who Let The Nice Guy Go


I believe we were once a part of the same story. Whether you were the one who made the mistake of taking it all for granted or the one that got away, we’ve all seen it. The sad story of how the nice guy loses the girl for being exactly himself.

Speaking for the sake of all nice guys out there who were a part of something so heart-wrenching, this goes to the girl who unconsciously let go of the best thing in her life.

Dear Girl Who Walked Away,

I’ll allow myself to be brutally honest with you. Trust me, it’s for your own good. It’s not that you weren’t aware of the consequence this might bring to you. He was the nicest guy you’ve met in your life. You knew him. You knew he gave you everything your heart asked for and yet, you pushed him away. It was as if he wasn’t good enough for you.

And he felt it. He felt your cold touch and your distance. But no matter how painful it was, he risked his heart to be right there for you and made sure you always knew just how much you mean to him. But that just wasn’t enough for you, was it? You wanted something else. Something thrilling, yet so exhausting.

We think that playing hard-to-get makes us more attractive in the eyes of people.We’re hooked on some kind of a twisted game that’s just becoming more and more harmful. We’re a part of the generation that grew with the lack of all the right moral values.

Bonds based on true love are among the rarest these days. Nobody cares enough to give you ALL. We like quotes on Instagram that say how much care and nurturing we seek from relationships, but when we receive it, we take it for granted.

And when that perfect someone knocks on our door, we completely ignore them.

But why would you do that?

Is it the challenge of hunting someone seemingly more important rather than having a person who you can rely on at any given moment?

I keep listening to girls constantly regretting their choice to be with a ‘player.’ You know what I mean. Douchebag or jerk would be a more compatible word. 

I keep hearing “There’s something so irresistible about him.” However, they always end up highly disappointed as if they didn’t already know that from the beginning.

And for once, you met a nice perfect guy who loved you no matter what. Someone who stood by your side when you were at your most vulnerable self, someone who wiped your tears and forced you to grow.

He fought hard for you no matter the obstacles… and then you had to walk out on him just because he was too nice for you. The sad thing is, he wasn’t interesting enough as the self-centered douchebag who entered your life and smashed your heart into pieces.

He was too safe for you. He didn’t reflect the hardship and heartache you were used to, and suddenly life got so easy. With him, there were no hurricanes – only smooth sailing. But the only thing he was guilty of was giving you that much. That was his curse. So you left him. And no matter how devastating this was for him, he let you walk away.

But the thing you didn’t realize is that he’ll eventually be fine. Time will pass, his wounds will get better and he’ll find someone who won’t take him for granted the way you did. Someone who’ll cherish his love and affection and will give him twice the love you couldn’t even bring yourself to give.

And when you finally do realize that… Oh my darling, it will be too late.

And people like him don’t step into your life every day. He was the one who would love you forever. That guy was the one you were supposed to end up with. But no matter the circumstances, I truly hope you’ll realize this soon enough before someone else does and make the right choice for yourself.


The Girl Who Was Too Late