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A Job Agency Toronto is the Ultimate Solution


A Job Agency Toronto is the Ultimate Solution for a Job Seeker

Job agencies are getting popular in Toronto day by day and a huge number of companies have started to hire their services to fill various vacant positions. Keeping that in mind, more and more job seekers have also registered themselves in their database so as to rest assured about hearing positive news sooner or later.

However, if someone isn’t aware about how these agencies work and why he/she should search for a reliable job agency Toronto, then here is everything important to know about:

Purpose of Existence

The major aim of job agencies in Toronto is to find suitable candidates for companies who need temporary or permanent workforce. They are responsible to understand job description and screen candidates in their database to shortlist a few of them.

After finding potential candidates, the recruiters forward resumes and profile to employers for further hiring procedure. After a successful interview, job seekers can figure out whether they are going to get a job or not.

Types of Recruitment Processes

Considering the fact that companies have different requirements, recruitment agencies employ various methods to screen and recruit candidates. Let’s have a look at each of them:

  1. Recruitment and Selection

They are the type of recruitment where a job agency Toronto searches for permanent candidates for the clients. Their job starts when a client approaches them for hiring and ends as soon as a candidate is employed successfully. Recruitment and selection is one of the best methods for job seekers who are looking for permanent positions. They help companies, with limited resources, to avoid overspending on finding new workers.

  1. Project Sourcing

There are several names for project sourcing; co-sourcing, project work, outsourcing, secondment and contracting. It is a type of recruitment in which, a company is looking for temporary workforce to execute different projects. Candidates are permanently employed by the company while employed on various projects.

Project sourcing is favorable for freelance experts/employers who have specialized knowledge of working on different projects. The best part is that, new workers have better opportunities to learn new skills and gain a lot of experience.

  1. Interim

This staffing methods works for short-term projects. A job agency Toronto used to search employees on behalf of a company who needs to meet their seasonal or short-term project needs.

Practically, interim is completely different from how project sourcing works, because:

  • Interim focuses on immediate implementation of the work while project sourcing works best for long-term and medium projects.
  • Interim emphasize on filling general positions based on limited specialized skills and knowledge. Whereas, project sourcing focuses on certain positions requiring specialized knowledge.
  • Staffing agencies have temporary relationship with candidates. Once they successfully place them on desired positions, this relationship comes to an end. Project sourcing ensures permanent employment at the project sourcing company while interim work is actually temporary. It requires employees to search for a new job after completing the first one.

Why Should Job Applicants Hire A Staffing Agency?

When it comes to searching for a new job, a job agency can assist in the following two ways:

  • Recruiters may personally contact job seekers after finding their resumes or profile.
  • Job seekers can contact an agency to let them find a suitable job as per their profile.

Once they are certain about letting these agencies work for them, job seekers can enjoy the following key benefits:

  • These agencies are free to hire. They actually work on request and get paid by companies for every successful placement. In other words, job seekers don’t have to pay for anything!
  • Staffing agencies have extensive knowledge about the job world and are in a better position to figure out which employer is best for a particular candidate. They used to have a lot of exciting opportunities for everyone.
  • Staffing agencies have a huge network that allows them to quickly find the right match for job applicants as well as employers.
  • E best part is that these agencies have access to all types of jobs no matter if job seekers can see them or not.
  • Each agency works on a different recruitment process. Most of them keep candidates updated through their feedback and prepare them for future interviews and other stages.

All in all, job agencies are one of those resources that help job seekers as well as companies to meet each other and bring the best out from the market through mutual efforts.