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A natal chart: A guide on how you can understand the planets and their impact on your life


The stars provide awe-inspiring insight, which nowadays is usually presented through horoscopes. Think about this, horoscopes can show your daily experiences and even help you understand how the movement of the planets like Capricorn and Saturn can induce huge changes in your life.

That said, the skill of reading and understanding your natal chart which reveals the planets’ location at the time of your birth has various benefits. You can have an insight into your motivations, personality, and desires. This post discusses how you can understand the planets and their impact on your life.

Understanding a natal chart

No doubt, astrology is complex, vast, and requires specialized study, but the core principles are simple. A natal chart which is sometimes called a birth chart refers to a map that shows the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.

Ideally, you can think of a natal chart as an image of a solar system and taking a photo of the sky to study the positions of the planets at the time you were born. Keep in mind that this map is from your vantage point on earth.

A natal chart can be taken for any moment in time, meaning it can be the past, present, or future. This allows you to observe the past, present, and predict future events. A natal chart is also sometimes known as a star chart or horoscope.

Throughout your lifetime a natal chart never changes. But the influences affecting the natal chart continue to evolve, and these forces bring to your life. The good news is that the natal chart provides detailed information about the positions of the moon sign, sun sign, rising sign, the planets, and other celestial objects.

In the past, the natal charts were hand-drawn and calculated manually. Although some people still use this technique, you can find other charts that are calculated automatically using the software. With online software, it offers time zone variations and daylight savings.

How you can start interpreting natal charts

It’s important to learn about the planets and the zodiac. You see, the planets that have short orbits move across the zodiac regularly and they are specific to your date and time of birth. The moon, sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and others are called inner planets, and they have a direct impact on your unique personality and day-to-day experiences.

The outer planets that include Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto move quite slow. These planets have an impact on your larger life themes and experiences shared by generations.

The importance of the outer planets in a natal chart is influenced by the houses they occupy. Keep in mind that a natal chart reading is divided into twelve parts called houses. Each of these houses represents an area of your life, such as the home, finances, and routines, legacy, philosophy, and psychic abilities. Therefore, the occurrence of the planets in these houses shows where you store your energy, strengths, and weaknesses.

You can examine your natal chart and look at the planets and their signs and houses. In this way, you can figure out how the planet’s actions are influenced by its zodiac sign. Also, you can understand which area of your life is being affected directly.