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A Precise Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording


One of the things that stump a wedding couple is the wedding invitation wording. Sometimes it can get stressful while attempting to strike the right tone and not to overlook any critical details that must be included. Nowadays people are opting for a more laid land, casual ceremonies.

But now that you want to create an invitation with the best style and tone, here is a guide purposely meant to make the invite part the simplest. Think about the following before you begin crafting your invitation.

The type of wedding you are planning to have

If you would host a formal black tie event, you are supposed to strike a formal tone in your invite. But if it is a backyard garden party, feel free to use a casual and informal tone.

Here are the basics of a wedding invitation

In a wedding invitation, you can include the following;

  • Those that are extending the invite, for example; you and your parent or your parents
  • The event; for instance wedding ceremony, reception and even include any after ceremony meet ups.
  • The location- make sure you state where the wedding will take place or the reception.
  • Reveal the date and the time of the wedding
  • RSVP details- provide a reply date plus as many RSVP options as possible such ads text, email etc. to make it easy for guest to reach you faster.
  • Who you are inviting- in case you want to invite their kids or not, include a note detailing that part well

You can also add this information if you think it is necessary;

  • Accommodation choices
  • Menu and any dietary options
  • Directions; to the venue for wedding and reception
  • Dress code
  • Gift list ideas
  • Personal contact information

However, if you wouldn’t wish to have children in your wedding, don’t hesitate to state that clearly in your invitation. And so if it is an adult thing, here are great ways to put that forward;

  • Clearly print the names of the particular guests invited
  • You can add “Adult Reception to Follow”
  • Clear those ONLY children of close family are allowed to the wedding

Would you like to go formal?

Look: using ‘cordially invite you to’ makes it formal. In case, you would want to create a more relaxed tone, try some of these; begin with invite you…

  • ‘To share in the festivities’
  • ‘To the wedding celebration of’
  • ‘To celebrate the marriage of’
  • ‘To the occasion of so and so joining in marriage’
  • ‘To celebrate the wedding of’
  • Or, ‘would like to invite you to celebrate the wedding of’


Up to this far, you are equipment with the details on how you can create a nice wedding invitation. Every details is as critical as the wedding itself, so do not underestimate any of the above information and guidelines. They are all worthy getting absorbed.