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A Toxic Relationship Will Destroy Your Life And Mess Up Your Mind For Good


I see you trying to justify his actions when it is clear as a day that he’s hurting you. I see you putting up with his insufferable behavior, all because deep down you believe in him.

You believe he can change. You believe he can become the man that you desperately need. You believe he can give you the love that you crave.

And for what? He’s still the same man that he’s always been. He disrespects you. He puts you down in front of everyone. He manipulates you. He gaslights you. He blames you for every little thing that you go through.

He controls your whole goddamn life and you do nothing to stop him…

Wake up!

Welcoming toxicity in your life will destroy your world. And it will definitely mess up your mind for good.

When you let a toxic person into your life, fall in love with them, and stay with them longer than they deserve, they become a part of you. Slowly, but surely, you become a part of them as well. They start to bring out the worst in you. And it is not until someone close to you brings it up that you realize how much you’ve changed. For the worse.

It is true what people say. You are who you hang out with. You are who you spend your mornings with. You are who you drink your coffee with. You are who you choose to give your time to. You are who you let inside your life.

So, why would you let someone that toxic take up such a big part of your life?

Dating a toxic person who cheats on you, someone you can’t trust or confide in, someone who doesn’t care about anything else but themselves, someone who is the reason for your tears every night will make you a paranoid mess.

Being with a person who constantly turns every conversation into an argument, someone who constantly puts the blame on you, someone who gets mad at you for even breathing around them, someone who cannot control themselves, will change your life and transform you into a bitter, hateful and miserable human being.

Is that what you really want out of life?

Is that what you’ve always dreamed of?

I don’t think so.

Dating a toxic individual who is obsessed with creating drama, someone who is pathologically jealous of you, someone who takes away your freedom and isolates you from all of your friends, someone who makes fun of your insecurities and criticizes you every time you make a mistake… is the biggest worst thing you can do to yourself.

A person like that is not capable of loving you. Don’t let their shallow words fool you. Don’t let their sudden mood swings convince you that they care for you. They don’t.

And most importantly, don’t ever mistake aggression for passion.

One wrong turn in life, one toxic relationship and one toxic partner can cost you your life. It can turn you into someone you won’t be able to recognize. Someone you’ll be ashamed of, someone you’ll deeply despise, someone you will hate for the rest of your life.

Luckily, you have a choice. It’s your own decision whether you will keep punishing yourself by staying in that relationship or you will finally free yourself from the nasty claws of your toxic partner and start living your life the way you deserve.

Staying in a toxic relationship and calling that fighting for love is the worst thing that you can do for yourself.

Stop hurting yourself and just leave until you have time.

It’s not too late, I swear.

A Toxic Relationship Will Destroy Your Life And Mess Up Your Mind For Good