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Abortion: Some of the Known Home Remedies


Giving birth to a child is the happiest moment of a married life, though one must prepare itself for such a big job. Unwanted pregnancy at the unwanted stage of life may lead a couple to think of abortion.

But, abortion is a crime from a human perspective. Thus, what people generally tend to do is choose the path of home remedies instead of using surgical methods to get your child aborted.

If you’re going through the same phase of your life, and are searching for best home remedies then you must continue reading the full article below:

Following are some home remedies for abortion that you must know!

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a relief solution to your body as it helps you release the held energy in your body. The basic idea of using acupuncture is to help you remove the foreign substances from your body. You get magnificent and quick healing results.

Why shouldn’t a pregnant woman use acupuncture?

Doctor’s advice a pregnant woman not to go for acupuncture because it makes your hormone strong, and while delivery, these hormones can make it difficult for a doctor to expel the baby. Thus, this is a natural home remedy for abortion.

2. Evening Primrose Oil

This oil particularly extracted from the seed of its plant. Thus, making it useful in different ways. It is considered to have good health benefits.

The evening primrose oil can be of advantage and disadvantage to a pregnant woman as well. It helps you avoid high blood pressure, less your delivery pain and prevents late delivery too. But, at the same moment, it can lead to abortion too.

If you plan for abortion using this way, you must use this oil at the cervix and give a gentle massage for sufficient period, and also you must intake the oil as a pill too.

But, you must meet your doctor before taking any step.

3. Sesame Seeds

Consumption of sesame seeds in two different ways can act as a home remedy for abortion. The following ways are:

Method 1:

All you need is a handful of sesame seeds and some water.

How to use?

Take some water and pour it into the bowl. Make sure that you put a handful of sesame seeds into the bowl. After that, you need to leave the mixture for overnight and let it come to normal room temperature. Once you’re finished with this task, you can intake the mixture the next morning.

Method 2:

You require a large tablespoon of fried sesame seeds and one teaspoon of honey.

How to use?

You need not worry at all. Follow some simple steps mentioned here to get quick results:

  1. Take fried sesame seeds along with the honey.
  2. Intake both the ingredients together.

This method can take you to safe abortion.

After going through these home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy, you may found the answer of some of your questions. However it is always better to meet your doctor for the same.