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How Does Academic Task Affect The Mental Health Of The Students?


Stress and depression is the common disorder that has the impact on the ability to perform the life activities in the workplace. Nowadays, most students are suffering from stress and anxiety due to the higher academic schedule and it is difficult for the students to handle within the short period of time. Academic performance could be viewed as the direct parallel to the workplace performance and students belonging to the unique set of individuals.

Undergraduates are looked as next building blocks for the economic growth as well as development. With the hectic pace of technology and growing knowledge, most students have the higher academic workload with the stress increased. Increase in stress and workload could also affect the mental health of the student.

Prevalence of depression also acts as the higher option that massively used for enabling the standard. Mental health is the way of feeling, behavior, and thinking of the persons of daily life. The individual with the healthy mental health could easily recognize the ability to control emotions, accept failure, and appreciate others.

Normally, the mental health also deteriorates negative effects affecting daily life without the treatment.

Mental Health and Academic Achievement:

Everyday stress is the normal reaction with the variety of situations that conveniently encounter in the real world and motivates with accomplishing the task. Chronic stress could also lead to the long-term health issues that also efficiently affect the physical as well as mental health.

With more academy schedule, research and much more makes the students to attain stress. Writing essays acts as the frequent task and professors ask the students to write down the essay to evaluate knowledge and skills of the students in writing.

Normally, the Essay writing task is mainly used for shaping the students according to the grade so that students need to come up with the commanding essay.

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