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According To Feng Shui, You Should Never Put These Things Under Your Bed


Feng Shui works on the principles of free moving energy and the idea that every object in your house has its own vibrational properties that influence the general vibe and thus your life.

There are many rules in how your living space should function, many of which are sometimes difficult to apply regarding the fact that our living spaces have not been designed following the basic rules.

However, many other rules that can make your quality of life are rather easy to implement and can bring a big change very quickly. For example, obstacles in the energy flow, such as objects that cause clutter, and items that seem to drag us in the past can easily be taken care of in a matter of minutes.

And which is more, there are some things that must be taken care of immediately – especially if these things interfere with your energy recharge you get during sleep.


Bearing in mind that you spend over a third of your life in your bed and that you are, energetically speaking, most vulnerable during sleep, it’s obvious that the bed should be treated as one of the most important places in your home.

If the feng shui of your bed is bad, expect your physical and mental health to deteriorate, as the negative energy flow directly affects your wellbeing. However, enhancing the energies is a simple matter, and it only requires you to pay attention to what you store on and underneath your bed.

Keeping things under it means allowing their vibration to affect your energy and they can affect different aspects of your life, such as your health, your relationships, your progress, and even your luck.

When space constraints require you to store things under the bed, make sure these things are extra clean and related to sleep. Of course, basic hygiene is essential (even if you may not often visit the place under your bed), as well as some energetic cleansing.

When you cleanse your home from negative energy, make sure you apply the same process to your bed – especially under it. Cleansing is especially effective when done with smudging with white sage, frankincense or basil.

Which is more, there are some things you should never store under your bed. Here’s what you should especially avoid:

Things that remind you of bad memories – their energy has been programmed with the negative emotions related to them, and this negativity will quickly blend in with your energy.

Gifts or pictures from past relationships – the past should stay in the past, and keeping these things under your bed will only cause a disbalance in your current relationships and your romantic life.

Old torn clothes and shoes, or anything dirty – you may think that some of those clothes could come in handy on a lazy day, and you may be right. But not under your bed, as they will drain your vitality.

Potpourri or other dead plants – dead plants spread dead energy, it’s simple. So, instead of a mild fragrance, you can easily attract illnesses.

Damaged or broken items – the fact that they are broken means that their vibration is also damaged, and thus damaging. These items will sabotage your luck, turning it into bad luck.

Old gadgets – not only because they are old and you don’t really use them anymore, but also because they correspond to metal, one of the elements in Feng Shui, and keeping it under your bed can bring you to uncontrolled situations and fears.

All in all, storing anything under your bed that is not directly intended for the bed (like pillows, blankets, you name it) will influence your energy with the vibration it possesses. Stay on the safe side and respect your bed, because it is the place where you replenish your energy and heal.