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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The AI is revolutionizing our reality, improving several fields of vital importance. But few people know the true advantages and disadvantages that artificial intelligence can cause.

At present, there are people who love the benefits that this field of AI could bring, including me. But there is also the other side of the coin, where they oppose any advancement of such technology and it has some names which are way bigger than me. First see some pros and cons of AI and then you decide what side are you on and let us know via your comments.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence
Here is a list of arguments in favor of AI:

Error almost 0%
With artificial intelligence, the possibilities of error are almost zero and greater precision is obtained. Each entity after passing through the learning stage, continue learning through experience. This generates a considerable reduction in the error.

Space Exploration
The artificial intelligence has applications in space exploration. Intelligent robots can be used to explore space. They are machines and therefore have the capacity to withstand the hostile environment of interplanetary space.

They can be adapted in such a way that planetary atmospheres do not affect their physical state and functioning.

Do Repetitive Work
Smart machines can replace (or already have) human beings in many areas of work. The meticulous activities or difficult tasks, which have been carried out by human beings can be assumed by the robots.

Due to the intelligence programmed in them, the machines can assume greater productivity and can be programmed to handle themselves.

Helping In The Everyday Life
Products with artificial intelligence can make our lives easier. Applications like Siri or Cortana act as personal assistants, GPS and Maps applications that give users the best or the shortest routes to take.

The applications in telephones or computers that predict the actions of the users and also make recommendations that adapt to the user’s choice are applications of the AI. Smartphones or Smart homes are few examples of AI in our everyday life.

Application in Medicine
AI is also working in the field of medicine. Algorithms can help doctors assess patients and their health risks. It can help them to know the side effects that several medicines can have in advance.

The simulators of the surgery use the intelligence of the machine in the training of medical professionals. AI can be used to simulate brain function and, therefore, is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems.

24 Hours a Day
The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence is that machines do not require sleep or breaks, and are capable of running without stopping. They can continually perform the same task without getting bored or tired. When used to carry out hazardous tasks, the risk to human health and safety is reduced.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Here is a list of arguments against AI:

Almost human AI
A major concern with respect to the application of artificial intelligence is ethics and moral values . Is it ethically correct to create replicas of human beings? Do our moral values allow us to recreate intelligence? Intelligence is a gift of nature.

High Cost
The creation of artificial intelligence requires enormous costs, since they are very complex machines. Its repair and maintenance require huge costs.

They have software programs that need frequent rankings to meet the needs of the changing environment and the need for machines to be smarter every day.

In the case of serious failures, the procedure for recovering lost codes and restoring the system may require a lot of time and cost.

The Human Touch
The idea that machines replace human beings sounds wonderful. It seems that it will save us from all the pain. But is it really exciting? Ideas like working sincerely, with a sense of belonging and dedication have no existence in the world of artificial intelligence.

Imagine the robots that work in hospitals. Can you imagine them showing the care and concern that human beings have?

Concepts such as care, understanding and unity cannot be understood by machines, so, provided they are intelligent, they will always lack the human touch.

If robots begin to replace humans in all fields, they will eventually lead to unemployment . People will be left with nothing to do. So much empty time can result in its destructive use.

Thought machines will govern all fields and populate the positions occupied by human beings, leaving thousands of people unemployed.

They are dangerous
If the control of the machines comes into the wrong hands, it can cause destruction. The machines will not think before acting. Therefore, they can be programmed to do things wrong, or for mass destruction.

Who Rules:
Apart from all these disadvantages of AI , there is a fear that robots will replace humans. Ideally, human beings should remain the owners of machines.

However, if things turn upside down, the world will become chaos. Smart machines can be smarter than us, they could enslave us and start ruling the world.

These benefits and harms of artificial intelligence are undoubtedly things that could happen in our daily lives. These advances are already being applied to reality, some already exist, but they are in the testing phase. Imagine that everything is controlled by intelligent machines, what is the worst that can happen