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Advantages of Psychedelic Therapy


The potential psychedelic to heal has been brushed off in the past. However, it appears conventional medicine seems to pursue the potential of psychedelic to heal. Psilocybin which is an ingredient in mushrooms is used to treat people in palliative care with anxiety. Also, it is used on people with depression that is resistant to other drugs. The majority of psychedelic therapists have embraced this form of treatment. Below are the importances of this type of therapy

Severe Depression Treatment

Practitioners employing the use of psychedelics on patients with depression that is severe have reported significant progress compared to conventional treatments of depression like the use of behavioral therapy that is cognitive and anti-depressants. The effectiveness proposed on the use of psychedelics has implications that are interesting on how you should view mental recovery and health. Some people understand that the treatment of mental health requires a lot of time and people having a mental illness are on therapy or anti-depressants for many years. Different from this view and thinking that therapy employing the use of psilocybin found in psychedelics usually takes not more than two sessions, also, a few sessions mainly for canceling to create trust before the process and for debriefing after the session is added to the therapy

Sensation to Smoke and Various Addictions

Per a study done by the form University of John Hopkins, researchers discovered that psychedelic therapy positively impacted abstinence from the sensation to smoke. Per the investigation led by Mathew Johnson, the potential of psilocybin to treat disorders from other substances like addiction to amazing salvia, cocaine, and alcohol is high. The idea is that the disorder’s nature is a behavioral and mental repertoire that is narrowed.

Psychological Distress Related to Cancer

There have been preliminary results that are promising in areas like treatment of existential anxiety that are overwhelming to people who face a picture that they are closer to the end of life, who are diagnosed with cancer in an advanced stage. A trial that was done at random by John Hopkins in the year 2016 discovered that one dose of psilocybin, in a substantial way, reduced anxiety and depression and gave the people diagnosed with cancer that is life-threatening a quality life. Some studies also aimed to investigate if psilocybin-assisted therapy effects last for many years discovered a highly favorable result. Of the patients followed up, between 80 and 60 percent of the subjects that remained still matched the standards for antidepressant and anxiolytic responses that are clinically significant. Also, most of the subjects placed the treatment using single-dose psilocybin amongst the most important spiritual and meaningful experiences they have had in their lives. Therefore, psychedelic therapy helps cancer patients go through the intense months following a diagnosis, and the experience helps the patients positively years later.

Psychedelic therapy is a comprehensive treatment package. It involves fewer dosing sessions which are supported by psychology. Further, psychedelic therapy has several advantages; including reducing addiction to drugs as reducing addiction to drugs such as amazing salvia, treating severe depression and anxiety, and helping patients diagnosed with cancer go through the acute stage.