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Advice That Can Help You Stay Motivated To Stay Sober


Addiction is a chronic condition that takes a lot of willpower to overcome. In fact, even addicts who seek professional help tend to relapse within months of entering into a rehabilitation program. One of the main reasons people are unwilling to go through the entire journey is because they are unmotivated to do so. If you find yourself in a similar position, the following advice can help you stay motivated to stay sober.

Consider the Health and Financial Risks

Seeing how your addiction has affected your health and finances can be a powerful motivational tool. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the health consequences and the financial losses you have suffered due to your addiction. Put the piece of paper in your bag or pocket and carry it with you during your entire recovery period. It will help you remember all the real costs of your habit.

Get Professional Help

Joining a support group, such as the one offered at Garden State Treatment Center, can help you learn how to identify your triggers and understand the magnitude of your challenge. It’s also a good idea to seek out professional therapy – which, living in San Diego, California, you won’t have trouble finding. Finding the therapist or facility that offers the best rehab san diego locals have tried and are satisfied with can help you establish an effective treatment plan to cope with your addiction. With the help of mental health professionals, you can develop healthier thought patterns and improve your overall state of mind.

Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

More likely than not, your old lifestyle choices were all revolving around your addiction. Going through the same routine you did before you have decided to get sober can easily lead to a relapse. To prevent this from happening, you must implement some major changes in your life. Some of this will include stopping to hang around people who contributed to your addiction and avoiding places and activities that may trigger a relapse.

Establish Healthier Relationships

There is nothing more encouraging than being able to tap into the support and the unconditional love of family members and friends when you are struggling to leave behind unhealthy habits. The motivation that comes from within the healthy relationships in your life can do wonders in helping you make the progress you need.

Use Self-MotivationTools

Beyond relying on professional help and your friends and family, you can also boost your confidence and motivation on your own. Feel free to use any tools, like reading motivational quotes or seeking guidance in religion or spirituality. You can even print out the inspirational or spiritual phrases you find the most encouraging and tape them in places where you hang out the most. Anytime you feel your resolve faltering, you will just have to look at them and regain the strength you need to stay sober.

Contemplating the health risks and the financial difficulties you are exposing yourself to with your addiction can be a great way to start raising your motivation levels. Getting professional help and establishing a personalized treatment plan is another crucial step in overcoming addiction. This can help you implement the changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. And lastly, you should forget the power of building healthy relationships with people who you can count on in good times and bad.