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Be Alone Until You Find Someone Who Is Actually Willing To Give A Shit About You


The feeling that you should be with someone and that you should achieve romantic attachment is one that equally excites and terrifies. It excites because you know how much love you are ready to give, and it is terrifying to think that you could also end up alone with no one to share that love with.

But when you think if it, you should not be terrified of being alone. There is an even more terrifying option: being with someone who is not willing to give a shit about you.

You should not be terrified of being alone when no matter who comes and goes in your life, you will always be the one who remains, the only company you can truly trust.

Happiness does not come from the notion of being with someone, but rather from the reality that someone is able to provide all the attention that would make you feel happy. And who can do that better than you?

Even if there is nobody who is capable of achieving this, you should never underestimate your own ability to make yourself happy like nobody else can. And frankly speaking, you should never condition your sense of happiness on the idea that you are with someone.

There are people in relationships and yet feel as lonely as one can be, and there are people who are single and feel like they need nobody else in their lives. You should never feel dependent on the idea that you should be with someone.

If you choose to share your intimacy, emotions, and deepest thoughts with someone, you should do that not because you need them, but because you want them. You should be with someone because of how they make you feel, the way they fill up the empty spaces instead of creating ones.

Why would you waste your time, mental strength, and emotions on someone who dedicates their attention to you because they feel like they should, instead of doing it because they truly want to?

Why spend countless hours in worrying thoughts and frustration because your significant other did not have the time to explain something you found important or did not really care to even consider your emotions at all?

It is really pointless to try and fix someone who is trying to break you if you do not feel like he/she is absolutely the one that inspires a nature in you that you have never explored before.

You should not allow yourself to be stuck in a loop of repeated words and actions that lead to nowhere. You should not obsess yourself over the idea that you are not doing enough when your partner is not doing anything if you do not count the negativity.

You are better off alone if after a whole day he did not even think of texting you or calling you while he spent his time with friends having fun. Because like it or not, in that case, you are alone.

A worthy partner is one who will be with you because they love every fiber of your being – and not only with words, mind you! Love is action, perpetual motion. If it is anything else, then it is not true love.

You should dedicate your time to someone who will enjoy listening to you, someone who will ditch the company and hang out with you when you are alone (because he would never want you to feel lonely!).

If your knight cut through the forest of trees, brambles, and thorns and kissed you to wake up, it means that he should be willing to offer you a reality better than the one he woke you from, not a nightmare.

Until then, you are better off alone. You are better off in the reality you are creating around yourself. Love yourself even when someone loves you more, and love yourself even when nobody else would.

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