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Are You More Of An Alpha Or A Beta Woman? Here’s The Difference


Society has changed considerably, and perhaps the biggest change that has contributed to today’s perception of society is that of the role of women.

Back in the past, women were treated as birth machines, lacking some of the fundamental human rights.

They were expected to stay at home, take care of the house, respect their husbands (as men were considered as superior by default), give birth to children (preferably boys), and take full care of them.

Luckily, we have evolved in the way we perceive the very-important role of women in society. With this evolution surfaced the true nature and beauty of women and luckily, it’s here to stay. 

And while the Alpha attribute was only given to men back in the past, with the freedom women explore nowadays, some of them can proudly call themselves Alpha Women.


Alpha women are highly self-conscious and will not allow anyone to tell them what they can or can’t do. They can quickly excel in business, as they step bravely and firmly. However, their dominance doesn’t only lie in their career paths.

These women are aware of their sexuality and aren’t afraid to show it. They can seduce you as easily as they can close a business deal, and they will do it with all the feminine energy they are abundant with.

Alpha women are dominant and in charge of every aspect of their lives and if their partner can’t keep up with their pace, they might easily end up left behind.


Beta women are the complete opposite of the alpha ones. It’s not that they can’t possess the qualities alpha women do, but they do things differently. Because of their more submissive personality, they may feel a bit diminished or insecure in the presence of an alpha.

They don’t possess the fiery personality of the alpha, and they prefer listening to speaking. The beta woman could be called more traditional, as women used to be expected to comply. This, however, doesn’t make them dull or easily manipulated.

They like to walk on the safer side, and they choose their words carefully. They love taking care of their family and make a real home out of a house. Beta women like to swoon in the dominant nature of their partners, and they don’t like to set too many rules, but rather follow them.


While there are women who go to the extremes of being either 100% Alpha or 100% Beta, most women are a combination of both. One side will prevail in most of the cases, and it all depends on how they handle things.

If a woman wants to have it her way but would avoid confrontation and would do it subtly and calmly, then you could say that this woman has the goals of an Alpha, but the behavior of a Beta (as Alphas are known to be direct and confrontational).

There are also those women who seem like they want it their way, but only play tough and would very much prefer to be dominated in that situation. This kind of Beta tendency is paired with an Alpha behavior.

Whatever the case, the Alpha and Beta models are types of behavior and have nothing to do with how capable a woman is. It’s got more to do with the way they handle things and the way they prefer to function in a relationship. In the end, a woman always gets what she wants, isn’t that right?

So, are you more on the Alpha or the Beta side?

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