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An Honest Letter To Every Judgmental And Hypocritical Person In My Hometown


Dear judgmental, small-minded and hypocritical people from my neighborhood,

I never really met your level of perfection and righteousness, did I?

It seems like whatever I do, you always have something to say about me.

I know how things are. We’re all living in a small town, people know each other and behave like they are practically a family. You believe that you have the right to judge everyone and everything that is different. So, the majority of people are too afraid of what you might say about them and they accept this way of life.

But, unlike them, I am different. And I am not afraid to show that.

True, my stubbornness and peculiarity have brought me a lot of pain, disappointments, and questions in my mind, but they’ve never forced me to change. I am who I am. What you have to say about it is your problem, not mine.

Still, I cannot understand why your entire lives revolve around gossiping and ruining other people’s lives. I cannot find a logical reason for your actions.  

For every move I make, every step I take, every word I say, there’s always a person who tries to put me down or harm me in any other way. I don’t really know how you do it, but I’ve noticed that there is always someone lurking around the corner, waiting for me to make the next mistake.

You are constantly there to point the finger at me. You are constantly there to share your side of the story and spread lies about me. You are sweeping my trash without realizing how dirty you are yourself. You are completely obsessed with me.

And you know what the funniest thing is?

You don’t know me. At all. You just think that you’ve seen every version of me. But the person I am is simply the version I am choosing to share with you. Nothing more.

So, listen.

You can hate me, disrespect me, mock me and judge me all you want, but I will never change who I am. I am perfectly aware that I could never please everyone on this planet. And I am okay with that. The people who mean to me love me for exactly who I am. The ones who have no part in my life have no power over me.

I just hope that there will come a time when all of you will learn that you have to be more accepting and kinder to people. For the sake of your and our children. For the sake of the next generations that will learn from all of us.

If you’d only put that much effort and time into loving people and accepting their differences, the world would have been a better place.

Only dead fish go with the flow. So, I’d rather struggle and swim against the current than try to fit in just so you would accept me. My differences make me who I truly am.

Yours truly,

The woman you love to criticize.