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12 Ancient Egyptian Astrology Signs And Their Characteristics


Just like Western Astrology, Egyptian Astrology has 12 signs. Each sign is represented by a god or a goddess except the first one. However, the Egyptian Astrology signs differ from the Western Astrology in the dates.

Egyptian Astrology contains 12 constellations that form 36 decans (which are groups of stars).

The Egyptians also believed that the god or goddess of the representative sign determine one’s personality, skills, behavior, strength and weakness. So which sign are you in Egyptian Zodiac?

The Nile (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26) 

The Nile is the first sign of the Egyptian zodiac and is the only sign that is not represented by a god or goddess.It represents the beginning and new start of something. The main characteristics for the people born under this sign are that they are peaceful, logical and practical.

They can be very moody- from calm and peaceful to angry and irrational. Usually, they try to avoid conflict and try to keep the peace around them. They have analytical minds and tend to dream about the possibilities of life. They are very practical and cautious so they tend to keep the safe path to their success.

Amon-Ra (January 8-21, February 1-11)

Amon-Ra is the second sign in Egyptian Astrology. The people who were born under this sign are very good leaders since they are very talented, confident and have excellent self-control.

They are also known to be generous and helpful people. These people’s optimism and intelligence make them successful leaders. They can be very motivational to others and are often successful in mentoring and counseling.

Mut (January 22-31, September 8-22)

Mut is the third Egyptian zodiac sign. This goddess is the symbol for the mother so that’s why people who were born under this sign are considered to be nurturers by nature.

These people also are good life parents and good parents as well as role models.They are logical and practical thinkers who are determined and focused on fulfilling their dreams.

Geb (February 12-29, August 20-31)

Geb is the fourth sign of the Egyptian zodiac. These people are kind-hearted and sensitive and most often they rely on their intuition.

Since Geb is the God of earth, the people born in this sign are sensitive and environmentally conscious. Most of the times these people are shy and introvert, but if they feel anxious, these people can become very egoistic.

Osiris (March 1-10, November 27-December 18)

Osiris is the fifth sign of the Egyptian zodiac, it is the symbol for fertility and resurrection.  People who are born in this sign have two sides to their personality- strong side and vulnerable side.

Energetic and passionate, these people are very confident and natural leaders who are very optimistic about the future. They are very independent and don’t like to work with other people.

Isis (March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31)

Isis is the sixth sign in the Egyptian zodiac. She is the goddess of nature and symbolizes motherhood and protector during childbirth. People who were born under this sign are very direct and like to give advices to others.

These people are very determined and ambitious and there are no obstacles for them on their way to success. They are good communicators but sometimes they tend to be demanding.

Thoth (April 1-19, November 8-17)

Thoth, or the god of wisdom, is the seventh sign in Egyptian horoscope. People who were born in this sign are energetic, courageous and compassionate. They are good at solving problems and are very passionate and faithful partners who are dedicated to family and loved ones. Sometimes they can be very naïve and betrayal can put these people in depression.

Horus (April 20-May 7, August 12-19)

Horus is the eight sing of Egyptian zodiac. People born in this sign are very courageous, have a lot of impatience, endurance and wit.

They are optimistic and risk takers so they are inspiration to others. They are gentle by nature and careful listeners and so they are surrounded by friends who love and support the people born in this sign.

Anubis (May 8-27, June 29-July 13)

Anubis is the ninth sign in Egyptian astrology and people who were born in this sign love solitude and can be very introvert.

These people are strongly emotional and sensitive and sometime very unpredictable. Confident and determined, these people don’t have unfinished businesses. They are very helpful, generous and honest, and very caring partners.

Seth (May 28-June 18, September 28-October 2)

Seth is the tenth sign in Egyptian zodiac. The people born in this sign are extreme perfectionists, constantly looking for change around them.

These people are natural leaders, excellent orators and communicators and thrive to be in the center of attention. Other people are attracted to their charming personality but sometimes they know to lose their temper and explode.

Bastet (July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17)

Bastet, the goddess of cats, is the eleventh sign of the Egyptian zodiac. The people who are born in this sign are always searching for peace and balance. They surround themselves with things that make them happy, and tend to enjoy life the best they can.

These people are very caring, extremely emotional and sensitive which sometimes can cause for them to be overprotective of the loved ones.

Sekhmet (July 29-August 11, October 30-November 7)

Sekhmet, the goddess of war, is the last sign of the Egyptian zodiac.  People born in this sign are highly intelligent, so they are natural leaders who are an example of authority.

These people are perfectionist, with sense of justice and discipline. They can be very rude, direct and aggressive if they are irritated.