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Which Animal Did You See First? Find What It Reveals About Your Personality


Even though the majority of people nowadays live in cities, many people still find an immense connection with nature or with a particular animal per se.

What’s interesting is that animals can actually reveal a lot about your character and personality.

Look at the picture below and decide which animal you saw first. On a subconscious level, you will first see the animal that you are most connected with. Then read on and find out more about your true self.

If you saw the dove first, then you have a very peaceful and pure soul. The dove is a symbol of peace, connection, and hope – and this is true for your personality as well. You serve as an inspiration to others. You feel a deep and significant connection with everything around you, and you don’t care for wealth and any material possessions.

The butterfly is a symbol of beauty, pleasure, and hedonism. If you first saw the butterfly, this means that you live your life to the fullest, enjoying every moment of it. You don’t get bothered with trivial and unimportant things because you don’t want to waste your time and energy by doing something you don’t enjoy.

If you spotted the falcon first, you are a truly adventurous person at heart. Also, you are an overachiever and you won’t stop until you achieve your goals and fly higher than your colleagues. You are very proud of yourself and your self-esteem is high. You live your life the way you want it.

If you noticed the dog first, you are a loyal and selfless person because dogs represent loyalty. Your generosity and looking after people in need is something that only the truly genuine people possess. You want to make everyone happy because when others are happy – you are happy too.

The wolf represents your need for privacy. You probably have a very small circle of close friends that you can feel comfortable around. When it comes to making new friends, you get picky because it is much more important for you to have a small number of friends in your life with whom you can share your vulnerabilities than having a bunch of friends that will do nothing but drain your energy.

This creature is considered sacred in many cultures. If you first saw the mantis, it means that you hate small talk and you enjoy spending time alone. And even though you prefer your alone time, you are still getting along really well with other people. Plus, you are more intelligent than the ordinary person which makes you able to make the most of your surrounding to fulfill your needs.

If you first saw the crab it means that you are a very stubborn person. You put up walls around you to protect your overly sensitive nature. This is why you sometimes come across as abrasive and harsh. Also, you don’t want to leave your comfort zone because you don’t like changes.

The horse means that you value your freedom the most. Moreover, you want to make of others easier and you work really hard towards bettering your life and the lives of people that are close to you.

The hen represents your joy in spending time in your home. You are the most comfortable there, and you decorate it, so it can be a representation of yourself. Also, you love routine, you like being lazy and doing nothing, but you don’t like to be pushed out of your comfort zone – your lovely home.