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Animatronic Dinosaurs vs. Fiberglass Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs have always been fascinating creatures. Their fossils are amazing prehistoric relics that are difficult to discover and are worth thousands of dollars. Paleontologists spend years in search of fossils so that they can learn more about these animals. Most of the fossils that have been discovered are on display in museums around the world. 

Dinosaurs are far, far older than humans and were wiped out hundreds of years ago. Yet, it is interesting to think that perhaps we could bring them back to life today. Many people today are actively working to do this very thing. But while cloning could be far away, human-made dinosaurs have been around for years.

The two most notable versions of modern human-made dinosaurs are the animatronic dinosaur and the fiberglass dinosaur. With the help of these impressive creations, all your dinosaur dreams are just an order away! If you wish to own a fun and realistic dinosaur costume, worry no more. You can order one in just a click. 

What is an Animatronic Dinosaur?

Animatronic dinosaurs are used to enact the actions of a dinosaur realistically. They are typically made with a metal frame that allows them to move freely. The actions performed by the dinosaur are controlled by a mechanical framework that is electrically powered. Typically, a battery is used to power the system, and no charging is required in advance. 

Animatronic dinosaurs are fun to watch because they move just like a real dinosaur would. Watching them in action is a dream come true for any dinosaur fan, or even Jurassic World fans!  These dinosaurs are designed with the utmost care. Experts uniquely sculpt every design. The references used for these animatronic dinosaurs are scientifically approved and in line with the latest research as well. The body design, shape, and dimensions are based on the most recent fossil records, which gives a realistic result. 

The patterns on these dinosaurs are inspired by their modern reptilian descendants, thus portraying what these dinosaurs may have looked like today. Animatronic dinosaurs are used in films and exhibitions. Their lifelike appearance and ability to move are key factors behind their immense success and popularity in the market. 

The best animatronic dinosaurs have the ability to rotate their necks and move their limbs freely. Those of the highest quality can open and close their mouths and make authentic dinosaur sounds as well! All of these special effects allow animatronic dinosaurs to give you the ultimate dinosaur experience. 

What is a Fiberglass Dinosaur?

Fiberglass is a brilliant material. It has an impressive extent of durability and can survive harsh natural conditions, including strong winds and heavy rain. Dinosaurs made from fiberglass, a medley of fiber and plastic, have a very long life expectancy. They will, at the very least, stay with you for years before deteriorating. Fiberglass dinosaurs are definitely a worthy investment!

Fiberglass dinosaurs are non-motile, which means that they cannot move without being physically picked up from one place and moved to another, like an inanimate toy. They do not have any electrical parts and are unable to move their limbs, jaws, or any other part of their body. 

Unlike animatronic dinosaurs, fiberglass dinosaurs are not built to move. However, fiberglass dinosaurs are much more affordable than animatronic ones and will probably outlive their electronic counterparts. Fiberglass is also an extremely lightweight material, and the dinosaur will not be hard to move around for this reason. Regardless, it will still always be unable to make sounds and move freely as an animatronic one can. 

Animatronic Dinosaur Costumes and How to Use Them

Your new animatronic dinosaur costume is just a bundle of fun waiting to happen! The incredible detail on it will blow away your friends and family. If you wear the costume and walk towards your friends, they might even believe a real, live dinosaur is making its way towards them!

To operate your dinosaur costume, follow these simple rules. There are two triggers in total. One trigger lies on the right-hand side of the costume, and the other towards the left. The triggers are shaped as handles, making them easy to hold and use. 

To make your dinosaur costume open its mouth wide open, use the right-side trigger. Watch in awe as your glorious beast of a costume roars to life! The animatronic dinosaur costume comes with eight sound files on a TF card. Four of these are dedicated solely to different kinds of roars. Choose whichever one you wish to use while opening and closing the dinosaur’s mouth so you can scare your friends! To make your dinosaur blink its eyes, use the left trigger. There are also four sounds tailored to fit the action of a blinking eye. You can use them to make your dinosaur experience even more authentic!

Our company offers two types of animatronic costumes. The first allows your legs to be seen, and the other covers them up! Both of them are excellent and will guarantee you hours of fun! They are modeled from the finest foam felt material and hand-painted to create a truly authentic and accurate dinosaur design. 

The costume is also coated with silicone to create the perfect skin-like finish in order to resemble a real reptile! Again, this is done by an expert to make sure every detail is perfect. The full costume is mounted on a metal frame that is easy to carry. There is also a little fan inside the costume to make sure you don’t feel too hot! The system is electrical and can be used time and time again.


Animatronic dinosaurs have gained immense popularity recently. New advancements in technology mean you can wear a full-sized dinosaur and even walk in it! For an authentic dinosaur experience, order a realistic dinosaur costume now!