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Your Answer To This Interview Question Reveals Your True Character


In every company, there are people who are givers, and people who are takers.

The givers are those employees that are willing to help anyone who asks them to. They have a generous nature and take time to offer their colleagues advice and help them even if that means sacrificing their own success.

The takers, on the other hand, are energy-suckers and they only look after themselves. They are selfish, and they care only about their success even if this means using and manipulating others into getting what they want.

So, it is not difficult to realize that companies need more givers than takers.

Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, says that it is difficult to distinguish givers from takers from the get-go because everyone is on their best behavior during the work interview.

However, he believes in people who are disagreeable givers. He believes they are the most undervalued employees in a company because they offer critical comments that no one wants to hear but they need to.

Moreover, he says that if someone is agreeable doesn’t mean that he or she is a giver. They can be fakers. And, it can be difficult to recognize the fake givers. However, he suggests asking this question the answer of which can reveal their true character:

Can you give me the names of four people whose careers you have fundamentally improved?

Grant says that takers will usually give you prominent names of people who are more successful and influent than they are. This is because takers use other people as their stepping stones to their scale of success. They care more about their image and influence than they do about the overall success of the company.

Contrary, the givers will most likely give you 4 names of people that you’ve never heard of. People who are equal or even below them. This is because givers don’t care about their outward image and power. They care about the company’s growth and they want all employees to succeed.

If you want your company to succeed, hire givers, not takers!