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Anti-Aging Secrets From Around The World


The search for immortality is traceable in every culture since time immemorial. And though many of these secrets have been lost to time or have never really had any tangible effect, we will share with you some of the best that the world has to offer, starting from B.C.E to today, and now available through any online beauty store. The great part is, due to the universal nature of this discussion, there are so many options out there you won’t likely have the time to try them all.

The Orient

If you’ve ever been to India, Indonesia or south east asia—any tropical atmosphere really—you’ve most assuredly seen a coconut. These plants are perfect for skin care, they eat wrinkles up like nothing and their fats make them an ideal moisturizer. They grow naturally along the entire equatorial coastline, so they are fairly inexpensive for your continued use. More-so, they are incredibly universal. So not only does coconut help you fight the results of aging, but you can put it in any cosmetic application and still find benefits.

The Fertile Crescent (The Middle East)

It’s healthy for you; it can produce anti-aging retinoids at extremely fast rates; and combined with rosehip berries, it makes for a top-notch oil purpose-built for cheating skin cell death. The Iranian Carrot is that plant, and the magic lies in its juice. Carrot oil, paired with rosehip oil, make for some serious anti-aging power due to the high retinoid production of both plants. Another popular alternative in the same vein are pomegranates.

I Bless The Rains Down In Africa

In a continent as large as Africa, there’s quite a few sources we can draw from when it comes to age-old secrets about beauty. What’s really catching on in beauty circles around the world is Argan oil, native to the argan tree in Morocco. It’s catching on because It works, and has been working for hundreds of years in Morocco. Argan oil has equivalency to many modern brands of skin care with compound pharma formulas!

Tell us what tricks or products we didn’t cover or try some yourselves and tell us about it. That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading!