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Anticancer Treatment: What You Should Know?


Oncology treatment involves a combination of pharmacological methods, i.e. taking anticancer drugs, radiation therapy, and surgical methods. In a complex, these measures make it possible to either completely overcome the disease or at least slow down its development.

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Types of Anticancer Drugs

Medicines prescribed to cancer patients are in the form of:

  • tablets;
  • solutions for intravenous use – antitumor drugs for chemotherapy;
  • capsules;
  • antitumor solutions for intramuscular injections.

Also, anticancer drugs are distinguished according to the principle of action:

Hormonal drugs

Necessary for the therapy of hormone-dependent tumors. Mostly, these are malignant formations in the ovaries, mammary glands, etc. Thanks to their action, the tumor decreases in size. (1)

Alkylating drugs

Chemotherapeutic drugs of this series suppress the development of tumor cells and affect the DNA of the neoplasm. Along with this, they have a detrimental effect on human immunity in general, provoke hair loss, destruction of nails, destroy the liver, etc. Alkylating drugs are prescribed in courses and only under the supervision of a doctor. The patient cannot be treated with these anticancer drugs on his own.


Despite the fact that these drugs are mostly not recommended to be taken precisely because of their harmful effects on the body, they can be useful for cancer patients. Some types of antibiotics have been shown to enhance the results of chemotherapy and make it more effective in the fight against certain types of cancer because antibiotics are able to block protein synthesis.


Doctors recommend buying these anticancer drugs in order to slow down the growth of malignant tumors. Such tablets lead to the fact that the activity of biochemical processes in the cells decreases, that is, the metabolism necessary for life and growth does not take place. Thanks to this, the tumor does not grow.

For the treatment of oncology, both purely synthetic drugs and plant-based drugs are used. A cancer patient has usually prescribed a complex of various anticancer drugs, as well as a number of means to support the vital activity of the body. Due to the aggressive effect of the active substances of drugs that help in the fight against cancer, the healthy part of the body also suffers. In particular, people undergoing chemotherapy are vulnerable to infectious diseases, because alkylating drugs even with short-term therapy destroy immunity.

Cancer medications also vary depending on the extent of the disease and its aggressiveness. The faster the tumor grows, the later the stage of the disease, the more powerful anticancer drugs will have to be taken, and the course of treatment will be more intensive. (2)

How to Choose Antitumor Drugs?

Antitumor drugs are a large category of pharmaceuticals used to boost antitumor immunity and treat tumors of various types, including carcinomas, melanomas, sarcomas, lymphomas, and other types of cancer. You can buy anticancer drugs online only on the recommendation of a doctor. Agents with antitumor effects are sold through a pharmacy network or directly delivered to hospitals, oncology departments, and centers where cancer patients are treated.

Medicines that are chosen for the fight against oncological diseases are distinguished by their aggressive action. This especially applies to synthetic drugs used for course treatment by intravenous administration. Treatment can be accompanied by many side effects, some of which can be alleviated by using additional drugs. Therapy is carried out only under the careful supervision of specialists, with monitoring of dynamics.