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When Anxiety Is A Lame Excuse


Anxiety is a lame excuse. I failed to go to class today. Now, I am struggling to find words that can explain my absence and hide the truth that the mere thought of having to sit in class today was something I couldn’t do. How can I explain my feelings and my anxiety to my teacher to a point where they would understand me? It would be much easier to excuse myself if it was the flu because anxiety is something that not many would understand or accept as a valid excuse.

Anxiety is a lame excuse. I am supposed to go out with friends tonight. However, I can’t get out of bed. My anxiety kicked in again and I am unable to leave my room. I am feeling scared for no reason. But I can’t tell my friends that. They wouldn’t understand me. It is best if I come up with a more acceptable excuse. Maybe my relatives paid me a visit?

Anxiety is a lame excuse. I never tell anyone about it and that I am on medication because I fear that the second I do, I would see my fears manifested on their faces. The mere fact that I need to take medication daily for an illness that many people still don’t consider to be an illness is enough for them to judge me as a lesser person, lacking stability and independence.

Anxiety is a lame excuse. It makes people see me as a crazy person. Inadequate. Delusional. A liar. If I told others about my condition they would think that it is an excuse and that I am faking my illness because I am too fragile to deal with the problems in my life. That it is an escape route for me instead of facing life’s struggles like a normal person.

Anxiety is a lame excuse. I am starting to believe this myself. Every time my hands get sweaty or my chest feels heavy, I tell myself that it is all in my head and that I need to get myself together. And maybe it is. But my body doesn’t cooperate, and I am unable to move, breathe, or think clearly.   

Anxiety is a lame excuse. I feel this way every time I try to talk with the school psychiatrist about my situation because my school only allows 3 absences per semester. But, how can my anxiety excuse me in the eyes of my classmates when seemingly there is nothing wrong me. When some days I function normally and give my best, and some days I can’t get out of bed.

Anxiety is a lame excuse. Because I can’t even believe myself that I am ill. I can’t figure up why I am feeling this way. How is it possible for someone to feel completely normal one minute and completely lose its senses the next one? And my fears… What do I fear really?

Anxiety is a lame excuse. So, I refuse to speak to anyone about it. I am a fighter and I choose to fight my battle with anxiety alone. Because I can’t stand other people’s fake support and understanding when I know they judge me inside.

Anxiety is a lame excuse. But, is it really? What do you think?

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