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This Is What Anxiety Really Is, And It’s More Than Just Worrying


Anxiety is your restless sleeping. It’s your inability to just shut your eyes and fall asleep calmly because your mind doesn’t shut off. It’s the time of the night when your worst fears and nightmares become a reality in your head.

Anxiety is your ever-lasting wonder about whether the things you are doing are right or wrong. It’s your double-checking every single text message you send because you worry that you will mess something up. It is you answering texts fast because you fear that the other person will get mad.

Anxiety is your fear that someone might be mad at you when they don’t reply to your texts. It’s the overthinking in your head about what someone is thinking when they don’t answer your call, and whether you have wronged them in some way.

Anxiety is the unanswered text that destroys you inside even though you keep telling yourself that they are probably busy and that you have nothing to worry about. It’s your inner critical voice that keeps telling you that they are ignoring you on purpose.

It’s you, imagining every possible negative scenario in your head. Anxiety is the feeling like you are waiting for something (bad) to happen. Anxiety is always apologizing even for things that you don’t have to be sorry for.

Anxiety is your doubt about both you and those around you. It’s you, destroying relationships before they even begin because the ‘little’ voice in your head tells you that they don’t like you, so you start overthinking and overanalyzing until you finally destroy the relationship.

Anxiety is your hyper-sensitive and aware nature of everything around you. It’s your ability to sense every little shift in someone’s tone of voice or manner of speaking. Anxiety is your everyday fears and worries. It’s you, living on the edge every single day.

It is thinking too much. It is caring too much. It is fearing too much. It is loving too much.

Anxiety is you, trying to fix something that is not even a problem in the first place. It is the uneasiness you feel at a party or any other social gathering because you feel like everyone is watching and judging you.

Anxiety is your trying too hard to please everyone. Anxiety is you, procrastinating yourself and your actions because of your fear of failure. It is your breaking down in tears and falling apart when no one is watching you.

Anxiety is caring more than anything. It is you, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. It is you, not wanting to do anything wrong. It is you, wanting only to be loved and accepted as who you are.