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Are Online Wills Legal UK?


Do you love your family? Probably, yes. Well, then creating a will is one of the best ways to cater to their wellbeing when you are gone. With a will, you eliminate unnecessary wrangles in the future. Everybody will get his/her dues without much difficulty. Plus, the process is easy and straightforward. All you need is a good online tool. Here is how to select the right tool for your online will.

Understanding Online Will Services

Creating an online will is simple and straightforward. With so many services online, you cannot miss a tool that suits your explicit needs. So, conduct your research. Choose a tool that is simple to use. There are several online will makers on the market. These makers offer you templates to fil. This makes the process of creating a will easy and simple.

While other sites will give you a template, others will offer you no guidelines. Still more, certain sites may give you a DIY—which makes it easy to create your will. The bottom line is to choose a will-maker that suits your needs.

Online Wills Versus Attorney Creating Wills

Are online wills legal UK? All wills are the same. They are legally binding. The only thing you should do is stick within the regulations of creating a will. Also, a valid will should meet all the conditions as stipulated in the law. Here are a few things to remember when creating a will:

Stamped—A valid will must have a stamp and a valid date. It should be signed by uninterested witnesses.

Duress—The will shouldn’t be created under duress. This means that you should be forced or pressured when creating a will.

Sound Mind—Create a will when you are of sound mind.

Who Should Make an Online Will?

If the worth of your assets is below the estate tax limits and the estate is straightforward, then think about creating an online will. This applies in both federal as well as state laws. However, if your property is subject to any estate taxes, consider consulting with your lawyer. He/she will offer you guidance on how to create an online will.

Also, things like remarriage, having stepchildren, and having properties in different states can make it challenging when it comes to creating an online will. In these cases, consider consulting with your lawyer.

Benefits of Online Wills

Most online will come with several advantages. Here are some of the benefits of creating online wills.

Cost-effective—It costs less to create a will online than hiring a lawyer 

Saves Time—Creating a will online takes less time. In most cases, you need less than 30 minutes to create a will.

The Bottom-Line

A will is a precious document. It expresses your wishes when you are gone. So, getting the process right is key. In particular, you should choose the right tool for creating your will. The above tips and tricks will help you select the best tool for your online will.