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Are You Mentally And Physically Attracted To Smart People? Here Are 10 Signs That You Are A Sapiosexual


A sapiosexual is someone who finds intelligence sexually attractive and very arousing. People who are sapiosexuals don’t really care how you look on the outside if your witty brain and your sharp mind manage to get their attention. They never focus on the appearance, but rather on the substance of a person.

Sapiosexuals are not attracted by the color of someone’s eyes. They fall for people’s brilliance, their sharp mind, and their intellect. That is what arouses them and what makes their heart burn with desire.

Intelligence is not a bonus; it is a necessity for these people. Good looks and great humor are usually second on their priority list.

What is a sapiosexual person?

So, what do you think? Have you recognized yourself in this article? If the answer is yes, read on to find out whether you are a sapiosexual as well. (1)

1. Deep conversations turn you on.

You want to know more about the person you are hanging out with. And by more, I mean, what sets their heart on fire, what keeps them going, what goes on in their mind, and what their dreams are made of. Deep, thoughtful conversations are a big turn-on for you.

2. You don’t care about credentials.

Intelligence is the first thing that you look for in a potential partner. You are not so much interested in the surface, as you are in the substance of the person. You crave intellect, not how much money they make.

3. Physical attraction is important, but a good conversation

Is at the top of your priority list. You don’t need to be physically attracted to someone to fall in love with them. If a person cannot hold a good conversation and challenge your mind, they aren’t worth your time.

4. You enjoy getting into debates.

If someone challenges you to a debate, you find yourself attracted to them on a deeper level. You don’t feel threatened or afraid that they might outwit you. On the contrary, they inspire you to learn more and become an even better version of yourself.

5.The more you get to know someone, the more attracted you feel to them.

You don’t want to rush things in life, especially not relationships. That is why, you enjoy discovering someone’s world, step by step. You are someone who loves taking it slow when it comes to relationships and attractions. You want to get to know people for who they really are and then decide whether you are going to let them stay in your life or not.

6. You have no tolerance for people who solve things through aggression.

You cannot stand people who use force to deal with their problems.  You are extremely turned off by intolerant people who have no patience and empathy for other human beings. In fact, you always confront these people by talking some sense into their heads. You are a true believer that sometimes actions can do much more damage than words.

7. You avoid small talk.

In fact, you hate having small talk more than anything in the world. You’d rather do anything else than waste your precious time on meaningless conversations about people’s lives and the weather.

8. You enjoy listening to people.

There is so much more to learn when you talk to people. Making conversation with strangers does not only help you connect you with them, but it also expands your mind, increases your empathy and makes you an even better listener. If you are someone who would rather talk for hours than go out

9. You love learning new things from people that you’ve just met.

You love challenging your mind and broadening your horizons by meeting new people. You don’t feel threatened by smarter individuals; in fact, those are the people that you wish to be surrounded by forever.

10. It’s not all about book smarts for you.

You value maturity and emotional intelligence more than knowledge of certain topics. Self-awareness, responsibility, and honesty are traits that immediately attract you to a person. You just love when someone is in tune with their emotions and uses their brain for the right cause.

Are You Mentally And Physically Attracted To Smart People? Here Are 10 Signs That You Are A Sapiosexual