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Are You Sure He’s the One?


Ladies, if you’ve met that special someone in your life and you’re starting to fall for them, it’s important to be certain he’s the one for you. This is especially true if you’ve ever invested a substantial amount of time into a relationship that ended up disappointing you. 

You want to know he’s in it for the long haul, especially if you have children. You have to keep in mind when you get attached to someone, they do as well. Investing time into a relationship and having to start over can be frustrating and discouraging. 

Many women have gone as far as dispatching the services of a fortune-teller, which actually isn’t a bad idea. This is a great post to read regarding the subject. 

We certainly aren’t fortune tellers, but we can help you with some tips. Keep reading for our guide that can help you determine if he’s the one. 

Were You Friends First?

If you were friends with a man before you started dating romantically, this could be a great indicator you have a solid foundation.  There’s no greater feeling than having someone support you through good times and bad. Your best friend is exactly that, your best friend. You want to know they’ll always be there for you when you need them, even though it might not seem like it at the time. 

You can never go wrong with friendship; if you decide to start dating him after being friends, he’ll still be around in the future if things don’t work out because of his dedication to becoming your lover.

Does He Support Everything You Do?

Let’s face it: men are creatures of habit who sometimes get frustrated when their routines are broken up by something different. If you’re planning on starting a new job or doing something outside the box, sharing this with the one you love is important. Look for these signs as a guideline as to whether he’s supportive enough.

  • He doesn’t get mad when your commitments take away the time the two of you spend together.
  • He shows an interest in your goals and ambitions
  • He offers to help take the pressure off of you to help you achieve your goals

These are all important factors in knowing whether he’s the one for you. 

Does He Have a Good Relationship With Your Children?

If you have children, finding a man who gets along with them is important. If your kids love him, he’s the one. 

You may want to ask yourself these questions in order to figure out if he’s right for you:

Does he have patience when they’re difficult?

It’s important that he doesn’t lose his patience when your children are difficult. This is a good indicator of how well the peace can be kept in the house

Is there mutual respect between them?

Your children should respect him as an elder, but it works both ways. He should respect their position of attempting to get to know a stranger who seems to be taking the place of their father. He should let them know this isn’t the case.

Are your children comfortable around him?

Your children shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves when they’re around him. It’s important they feel comfortable. 

Does He Have the Same Priorities as You Do? 

He should have the same morals and ideals as far as dealing with children. What you consider important in your kid’s life should also be important to him.

One of the most important things when being in a relationship is knowing that you both are on the same page about life goals and values. This is especially true if planning on starting a family together. Ask yourself questions like these before committing fully to someone: 

  • How does he feel about having children?
  • Can he comfortably discuss a future that involves starting a family?
  • If the two of you can’t share the same ideas for the future, it might not work later in the relationship. 

Do You Still Have Your Own Lives?

Does he encourage you to be independent? This means he won’t mind your weekly girls’ night or that you don’t want to hang out with his friends without him. He should want to combine both of your lives as one, but giving you the space and encouragement to be yourself is important.

These are all good signs that show a man is worth keeping around. You might not always see them right away, but if they’re consistent and continue through the first few months of the relationship, it’s a good indicator he may be worth keeping around for a long time. 

Have Fun With It

Remember: people change, mistakes happen, and life gets in the way sometimes. Asking yourself whether he’s “the one” isn’t going to make it any more realistic. Don’t be too picky and make things too unrealistic.

If he has silly habits you don’t like, just laugh them off. They can be good grounds for things to laugh and joke about.

Take Your Time

Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to take your time and let things build naturally. Get to know each other before you commit to something serious like marriage or a family. 

If you already have children, make sure your kids and immediate family are also supportive of the decision. They need the time to get to know him as well.   In the end,  if you feel like he’s the one, then he might just be worth waiting longer for.