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Are You Attacked By Dark Energies? Here’s How To Find Out


There is a constant presence of positive and negative energy which surrounds us in everything we do. While we all strive to live as positively and as protected from the negative energies as we can, we can’t always keep our guard up.

And in such cases, we are unaware that we are under attack from the negative energy projected by those around us, or the one we have unconsciously attracted.

And when this negative energy starts running our lives, we usually start feeling miserable and drained.To become aware of this negativity is always the first step of removing it from our lives.

These 10 signs can tell you if you are under attack from these dark energies and we will give you some advice on how to get rid of them:

  1. Constantly feeling drained

An obvious sign of a negative energy attack is the draining effect it has on all of us. And no matter how much sleep you get, no matter how many coffees you drink, you will notice that the feeling of being drained comes from somewhere else.

  1. Losing excitement for the things you usually enjoy

Of course, we all change, but this change is too sudden and quick. You suddenly start losing interest and enthusiasm for the things that make you happy and joyful. And you will know this is not a natural change if you can’t find anything that will make you happy.

  1. Problems with sleeping

The negative energy that attacks you will usually leave you stressed out so much that you will find it hard to fall asleep. The other extreme is an overwhelming sense of tiredness that will force you to sleep more than normally.

  1. Constant feelings of worry

Even when there is nothing in particular that makes you feel worried, this feeling seems to overwhelm your thoughts throughout the day. It’s like a worm that eats you on the inside and you can’t help but feel worried all the time.

  1. You are more susceptible to control from others

You may notice that you have started doing whatever others tell you to do as an automatic response and you have a difficult time saying no. This control from those around you makes you feel even more miserable.

  1. You can’t cope with criticism

Criticism, in all forms, is a means for growth. However, in your vulnerable state, you can’t tell constructive from destructive criticism and both make you feel devastated.

  1. You find it very hard to move out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is a place where the personality slowly starts to deteriorate. While we all tend to move out of it in order to grow, in this period you will find it very hard to do so. Your constant fear and worry make you want to stay sheltered as much as you can in what you already know.

  1. You start comparing yourself to others more than usual

There are no two same people on this planet, and you know it. However, it seems that your increased focus on the negative side and the fear of being judged makes you compare yourself to others and envy them.

  1. Debilitating stress

Everything around you seems to cause you a lot of stress – it’s like your whole body is electrified with stress and you can’t handle it. The lack of focus on the positive things in your life further enhances this feeling and everything around you loses its charm.

  1. Becoming highly emotional

Your emotions tend to get the best of you this period. Everything around you evokes some deep and disturbing emotions that you can’t cope with. In the end, you find yourself being controlled by them and you can’t do anything to get a hold of yourself. 

What to do to get rid of this dark energetic influence?

There is nothing more powerful than a positive thought that can strengthen and improve your perception. However, in this case, you do need a little help from a positive source of energy.

Get out in nature as much and as often you can and go with someone who is positive and caring. Walking in nature is proven to relieve stress and calm the mind, but on an energetic level, it’s even more powerful.

Start focusing on the beauty of things and accept the negativity that surrounds you, as it is here and it’s a part of everyone’s reality. In this period you need to focus more on positive things and try to recognize and distance yourself from the negative things.

This includes negative people and crowded places. You will benefit a lot from some alone time, where you can start reflecting on your thoughts and emotions.

If you have the will, some meditation will help you strengthen your energetic shield and cleanse you from the negativity which has gathered up inside you. Meditation comes in all forms, from a prayer to allowing yourself to think of positive things. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit down and close your eyes.

A very simple and empowering form of meditation is the technique of focusing on your breath – and you can do this anywhere. Just start focusing on your breathing and let any thought that comes to your mind to drift away.

When it comes to the people around you, here’s a very good video which can tell you a lot about how to understand them better and remove the negative energy they emit.


Source: Awareness Act