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Australia Has Come Up With An Effective And Simple Solution To Save Water From Plastic Pollution


While many of us cannot be bothered to even lift a finger and pick up the garbage right in front of us, Australia is light years ahead of us. Why? Well, because the authorities of the Australian city of Kwinana have developed a new and effective solution to water pollution.

They installed a very simple filtration system in the Henley Reserve. The system contains long nets that are placed on the drainage pipes and collect all the garbage that eventually flows through the waters.

Considering that the pipes drain water from residential areas to natural areas, you can only imagine how extremely important was for them to find a way to capture the trash and protect the environment and the local wildlife from further plastic pollution.

And guess why? They successfully did it!

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They first installed two of these nets, but after they witnessed the remarkable results (800 pounds of garbage collected within a few weeks), they decided to put this garbage traps all over the city.


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Even though the installation of these useful garbage traps costs a lot of money ($10,000 each), it turns out that the whole investment was much more profitable and beneficial than they actually expected. By developing this solution, they saved on the costs that they previously had for the people that actually collected that same trash manually.

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As for the process of cleaning the garbage traps, every time they get full, they are taken away by special trucks that collect trash and they are transported to a special trash-sorting center that after that divides them into recyclable and non-recyclable material. When all of that is done, the nets are put back on pipes.

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This is just proof that if we want to do something, we CAN do it!

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