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Autumn Suit Ideas


Autumn is the season when everything changes. The days become shorter and cooler, and the leaves on the trees turn a gorgeous shade of gold! It’s also a time of the year when you need to put away those summer suits you have been wearing to work and for evenings out, and move on to your autumn wardrobe.

Of course, autumn days can be a mixture of cold mornings and surprisingly warm afternoons, so you need to make sure your autumn suits are adaptable. Sweaters come into play in the late months, too, so you might want to have a close look at what’s in your wardrobe now to be prepared!

What do we mean when we talk about autumn suit ideas? We’re talking not quite winter-heavy clothing, but that which bridges the change between summer and autumn. An autumn suit should look smart and yet lean towards the casual side, while affording you ample warmth for when you need to tackle those chilly mornings and evenings! Let’s look at some practical ideas, and see how you can find the very best autumn suit.

Why Tweed is In

Autumn and tweed simply belong together! We’re not saying that wearing a tweed suit is an autumn-only fashion idea – they look great all-year around – but that this is the time of year when a tweed suit really comes into its own. Furthermore, tweed suits are generally a touch heavier and warmer than the summer suits you’ve been wearing, and they look very classy, with an almost rural appeal that endures.

Worn with a plain shirt – it can be overwhelming if you pair a patterned tweed suit with a check or pattern shirt – this is a look that will make you the one who stands out, and looks smart yet just that little touch below the formal, a sort of semi-formal look.

Tweed suits have also been made more popular thanks to featuring as the suit of choice for the characters on the hit TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’, and if you click here you’ll see some good examples from Cavani, who have a large range of tweed suits. It’s a good place to start looking for ideas and inspiration. You can easily carry off the look, so what do you need to make a tweed suit look the part?

How to Wear a Tweed Suit

Do you want to wear a two piece or three piece suit? That’s the first question to ask yourself. You will find that when you shop online for a tweed or other suit, you will be offered a waistcoat as part of the package. We think that a tweed suit looks best with a waistcoat, but there may be occasions when you want to wear it as just the jacket and trousers. For a full formal occasion, three-piece is the way to go, as it really is the classiest and most elegant look for a man, and one that is simply timeless.

Back to Peaky Blinders, the gang topped their tweed suits off with a tweed flat cap. This is another item that has been given a boost by the success of the TV show, and one that you might want to try. Worn with a tweed suit, a flat cap gives you the added adornment that makes it a complete outfit, and there are plenty to choose from.

The great thing about a tweed suit jacket is that it not only looks great with the suit, but will also cut it when worn with a shirt and a pair of jeans. It’s the ultimate smart-casual look for the cooler autumn months, and with a wealth of colours and patterns to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with tweed.


Of course, there are other garments you can wear with your tweed suit – perhaps a thin sweater for added warmth would be a good choice – and there are other types of suit that you can choose, but the simple fact is that tweed is very much in vogue, so why not have a look around and see what you can find that takes your eye, and look the part in tweed this autumn.