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How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents at Work?


Slips and falls are among the accidents that commonly happen in the workplace. While you may think of these incidents as simple and negligible, take note that in reality, these are actually really serious circumstances as these can result in various regrettable events.

These can result in a bruised shin or an even more serious injury, which can lead to accidental death. Other cases of slips and falls in the workplace result in injury claims and lost work days. If you want to avoid these workplace accidents, then rest assured that there are some things that you can do to make your working environment safer.

Here are just some tips to avoid slip and fall accidents at work.

Tip #1 – Wear safe shoes and clothes

If you are working in an environment with hazards, that cat lead to slipping and falling (for ex. A mechanic shop or restaurant kitchen), then you probably have to wear clothes and a pair of shoes designed to protect you. For shoes, make sure that they are sturdy and made of materials designed to protect your feet from injury in case you slip and fall.

It would also be best to wear a shoe, which can resist slips, especially if your work exposes you to wet and slippery surfaces most of the time. Your shoe should also have proper traction, grip, and support.

Your clothes should also fit you well. Make sure that your pants fit you properly, too, as long and baggy ones are considered as tripping risks.

Tip #2 – Make sure that your walking surfaces are free of clutter

Keeping the walking surfaces in your workplace clean and devoid of clutter is also the key to avoiding slips and falls. You have to keep the walkways clear, for instance, as such can minimize the risk of facing injuries.

The path should be free of any clutter and obstruction to reduce your risk of tripping over an accidental object. Spills should also be immediately cleaned up as such are known for being dangerous slipping hazards.

Tip #3 – Install proper lighting

Make sure that there is ample lighting in and out of your workplace. With proper lighting, there is proper illumination even in those areas that are prone to tripping and falling accidents for employees and customers. Note that in most cases, darkness or shadows can conceal steps and other safety hazards. You may consider completing an OSHA 10 online training course to better identify these issues before they pose a risk in the workplace.

With proper lighting installed, like illuminated steps and spotlights, you can keep everyone in your workplace safe from the injuries often caused by slipping and falling.

Tip #4 – Manage cords well

Some of the most common obstacles in the workplace are the phone, internet, and power cords so you have to manage them well. Run cables under carpets or behind walls so they will remain hidden.

Make sure that phone jacks, internet connections, and power outlets are installed in easy to access locations, too. Such will prevent you from having to run cables across the walkways.

Tip #5 – Pay attention and focus

Note that if you do not focus on what you are doing, then you are at risk of falling or slipping. If you are an employee, then make sure that you always pay attention as your focus can give you the protection you need. Also, make it a point to look at your path when walking. Ensure that the pathway is clear to avoid slipping or falling.


Slip and fall accidents at work are issues that you should never underestimate as these can lead to unwanted circumstances, such as serious injuries, or worse, accidental deaths. Fortunately, it is not that hard to avoid slip and fall accidents. The tips above are simple but they can help a lot in protecting you from the mentioned accidents.