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Ayurveda Treatment Vs Lifestyle Diseases


It has been a 20-year journey of providing patients with the right medications that are made from natural ingredients. One underlying philosophy that is used in the development of the medicines is Ayurveda treatment. You can visit https://www.grocare.com to learn more about the principles that have kept Grocare in operation for decades.

At Grocare, there is a range of specialists, physicians, medical advisory members, and even Ayurveda practitioners who are well-versed with whatever is related to various diseases. The combination of their skills and expertise leads to the release of quality and effective products.

Products Ingredients

Grocare has always been at the forefront of ensuring that your body gets the best. Every ingredient that is used in making their medications is usually naturally grown by the local fathers. The ingredients are usually tested for purity, quality, and freshness before they are used in making the medications. 

It has been their culture not to put any chemical substance, additives or fillers when developing their medicine. This is what makes Grocare products more effective and preferred than most chemical medications.

The motivation lies deep in their desire to see their patients recover from their illnesses without negative side effects. Most modern medications contain synthetic ingredients hence worsening some conditions in your body. This could be the reason why some patients take these modern medications and become even worse.

Their Underlying Philosophy

In developing these medications, Grocare specialists usually follow Ayurveda treatment. This kind of treatment started around 3,000 years ago and traces its origin from India. It believes in holistic treatment where they deal with the core of the problem. 

In Ayurveda treatment, 3 principles are followed in the formulation of herbs when making medicine. First, the medication is developed to deal with the root of the disease rather than its symptoms. 

Secondly, they ensure that the medications should not have any side effects on the user. And thirdly, the formulations are made in such a way that they completely wipe away the disease and avoid any re-occurrence of the same disease in the future.

Besides, every medication is made from herbs that are non-GMO and natural. The result is high energy and pure medications. Some of the medications that Grocare has made include Acidim, Dencare, Hernica, Xembran, Oronerv, Activiz, and Vinidia, among others. 

The Diseases that Grocare Products Deal With

There are many lifestyle diseases in our generation compared to 20 years ago. This could be due to poor feeding habits, lack of exercise, and the general environment that is surrounding someone. Here are some of the diseases and conditions that Grocare products will deal with:

Gallbladder stones 

The solution for treating this disease is the Gallstone Kit. It works at rejuvenating the liver, regulates the pH, regulates bile secretion, and eventually dissolve the gallstones. The kit contains GC, Seosis, Xembran, and Acidim.


This has become one of the commonest diseases affecting both the young and the old. The solution is Diabetes Kit that contains Diadoma. It naturally controls blood sugars.

Hiatal Hernia 

This is a stomach condition that can cause nausea among other symptoms. The solution is acquiring the Hiatal Hernia Kit. It comes with Hernica, Xembran, and Acidim which ensure that you don’t undergo any surgery.


Men should be careful of this condition because of its consequences. It has been noted to be causing infertility in men, hence the need for treatment as early as possible. You don’t have to undergo any surgery because of the damage it causes. The solution is Varicocele Kit which contains Oronerv, Activiz, and Acidim. These 3 are responsible for inflammation reduction especially around the scrotum, regulating pH, and detoxifying your body.


In this disease, the solution is Vertigo Kit which contains Oronerv and Acidim. These two work closely in controlling your body pH, minimize free radicals, eliminate inflammation, and eventually give you the relief you need.


This disease can result in very great stomach disturbances. You have Gastritis Kit as a token of care for you. This kit contains Xembran and Acidim. They work together in strengthening one’s stomach lining and rejuvenating it. They also reduce the Acid Reflux, bloating, and eliminates H. Pylori bacteria.

Varicose Veins  

This is a condition where the veins protruding on your legs. The solution for this is Varicose Veins Kit. This kit contains Oronerv and Acidim. Its aim is regulating the pH levels, detoxifying, and improvement of the blood flow.

Rheumatoid Arthritis 

The solution for this condition is by using a Rheumatoid Arthritis Kit. The kit contains Xembran, GC, Stomium, Oronerv, Activiz, and Acidim. All these work together to bring relief in the joints and other parts of the body of the victim.

Others include H.Pylori, Colitis, Hernia, Piles, PCOD, Prostatomegaly, Tinnitus, Piles, and Parkinson’s disease among others.

Grocare has developed the cure for each of these diseases to ensure you are sound in health all through.