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Modern baby formula is carefully designed to meet the kids’ needs. Such food is a good alternative to breastfeeding and the supermarkets are overwhelmed with it which makes the selection of the right formula a kinda challenge.  So how to make the right choice in the diverse baby formula? Let’s find it out. 

baby drinking milkTypes of Baby Formula

There are a large number of different formulas, which are classified according to different indicators. 

By Consistency

The first type is the liquid formula that does not require additional preparation, except for heating, but the cost is very high and the choice is quite limited.

The second type is the dry powder formula which is much more dominant in terms of variety and quantity. It’s much more convenient for transportation, preparation, storage, and dosing.

By Content

Most modern infant formulas are based on the best quality cow milk such as hipp baby formula. Less often you may find baby food based on goat milk. But both of these types are riched with various vitamins, prebiotics, and bifidobacteria. According to the degree of milk processed, the formula is divided into adapted, partially or less adapted, and non-adapted.

Adapted milk formulas are as close as possible to breast milk, they are much easier to digest and are recommended for feeding newborns.

Partially adapted formulas are less close to breast milk and suitable for children older than 6 months.

Unadapted milk formulas are made from milk powder or casein-based natural cow milk protein, but fatty acids or whey may be excluded. (1)

By Age

As a newborn grows and develops, its body’s needs for micronutrients and vitamins change, this is a completely natural process, because breast milk changes its content over time. It is very important to pay attention to the formula stage, which is always indicated on the product packaging. According to the EU regulated commission, the formula must be divided into stages. For example, such a world-known brand as Holle has baby food intended for kids from birth to 3 years old for normal and healthy development. 

Sometimes, due to the peculiarities of a kid’s health, it is necessary to use specialized formulas e.g. with a high content of certain vitamins or without lactose. Therapeutic nutrition should be prescribed only by a pediatrician.

Of course, to design a content identical to breast milk is simply impossible. But the best baby formulas contain a full set of nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements needed by the immature organisms. The formulas can be enriched with additional components. For example, amino acids that are necessary for development. As well as prebiotics and probiotics, which are important for the normal formation of intestinal microflora. (2)

Final Thoughts

The best formula is the one that suits a child. Sometimes babies get used to the formula without any problems. And sometimes you have to try products of different types and brands to find the best solution. In any case, the first step before starting bottle-feeding should be a consultation with a pediatrician.