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Baby Fox That Was Abandoned Strikes Up A Close Friendship With Labrador


This is a story about one friendship. And not just any kind of friendship, but a close, innocent, and warm one between a fox and a Labrador.

When Gemma Holdway and her family found a litter of newborn fox cubs in the hay on their farm, they decided to wait for their mother to come back after them. But, as she didn’t show up, the Holdway family decided to take the cubs to an animal hospital so that they could receive the care they needed.

Gemma and her family intended to release the cubs back into the wild as soon as they were big enough to take care of themselves. But, it turned out that fate had other plans for these cute fox cubs.

Namely, Vixey, the female cub got so imprinted onto Gemma and her family that they decided to adopt her and take care of her themselves. If they released her into the wild, she might get attacked by other foxes as these may smell humans on her.

Being an Animal Science and Management student herself, Gemma takes care of Vixey properly. She bathes, gives food to, and walks her.

But, the interesting thing is that Gemma also has four other pets: Nidge, Jack Russells Raisin, Polar Bear, and Labrador Luna. Indeed, she’s got quite a big family and Vixey is a solid member of it.

Although the Labrador Luna didn’t like the fox the moment she saw her first, as time passed, they struck up a strong friendship. Gemma says:

“Luna, in particular, was very wary at first. She didn’t quite know what Vixey was and was unsure when she’d try to play with her. Now they absolutely love each other. They’re the very best of friends. Vixey follows the dogs everywhere, copying what they do. Raisin rules the roost, so has almost taken on the role of Vixey’s mum.”

And that’s not all – the Holdway family respects and takes into consideration the fact that Vixey is a wild animal so they make sure she enjoys a good, comfortable, easygoing lifestyle by letting her explore and run freely on their land. Gemma explains:

“She always makes her way home before dark. She’s very intelligent and can remember where she lives. She’ll then come into sleep for the night. She either sleeps on my bed or under the sofa. She is also completely house-trained, and either goes to the toilet outside, or in a litter tray. We have learned the hard way not to leave any shoes lying around though, as, for some reason, she sees them as toilets, so wees in them.”

What a unique friendship, don’t you agree?