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Becoming Your Better Self: How to Improve Your Confidence

Improve Your Confidence

In today’s age, it’s all too easy to become bogged down and have your confidence drained from pressurised and intense situations. Whether you’re in a rut from a personal relationship crumbling, the death of a loved one or have had professional trouble, it’s now extremely common to suffer silently and believe there are no options that could potentially improve the rut.

Finding solace is something that many people suffer with and for someone with low confidence, the concentration surrounds where to start to begin improving that confidence that will spur you on to become enthused with all things in life.

Setting and reaching goals on the day-to-day

That old saying to always make your bed in the morning holds more meaning than you may think. It’s not about the bed making, it’s about setting out a task to do and completing it and this is just the beginning of you going on to achieve as much as possible each day.

Once you’re in the swing of making your bed every morning, you can then set your sights on going to the gym, walking to your favourite coffee store, or uniting with your old friend again. These are all basic things that can be overlooked but all bring a sense of importance and accomplishment to your life.

Keeping your brain active is a very important factor to everyday life and this can be as simple as finishing a chapter in a book. You’re able to pair your brain’s needs with the sense of fulfilment and many overlook this simple objective. Therefore, it’s important to find set actionable milestone for yourself, whether this is exercising for a set amount of time or indulging in online casino blackjack for specific amounts of jackpots. These things bring a rush of excitement from the interaction or the thrill of dopamine, wiring your brain for tactical goal-seeking.

Activity is key

For many, when stuck in a rut, it’s very difficult to set yourself back outside of your comfort zone and when you’re enthused enough, heading out to take part in various activities should be near to the top of the priority list. Getting out and conversing with people is healthy for body and mind and there’s no better than taking part in some form of sport.

While it may be difficult to identify which activity you want to take part in if you’re not already a regular, there’s an abundance of classes at many gyms and leisure centres that don’t require previous experience or a host of skills, such as yoga and pilates. These provide not only a healthy workout, but eases the mind in many ways, it can be the release you’ve been looking for.

Immerse yourself in your joys

When feeling down, it’s hard to drag yourself out and the best way of doing so is to fully embrace your joys in life. The first step is to identify what matters most to you, it could be family, friends, sports, games and many more. Once you confirm this with yourself, it’s time to ramp up your interest, find friends to talk about it with, and plan trips with the people you love most.

Straightforward family trips in beautiful places could be enough to re-light that enthusiastic soul within and it doesn’t have to be a big trip, it could be down to your local park with the kids, what’s important is the time spent alongside your joys and this is transferable to many things.

Sleep is medicine

It’s vital to factor in your everyday sleeping pattern that could be dragging you down and is unhealthy. A good sleep each day can be the kick you need to hit back at life and return to your former bubbly self.

If you struggle to sleep or this is one of the reasons you are in your rut, you need to attempt to aid this in any way possible. This can be room lighting, using relaxation noises and may even be something to consult with your doctor about. Exercising regularly can be that factor that helps your body get tired enough to need sleep and can be as simple as going on walks.


Life can be difficult and we never really know what will be thrown in our way and obstruct our personal happiness, but what’s important is to reflect. Reflecting on your day, your decisions, mood and pretty much anything in your life can be a booster in your strength of mind. There’s many things you cannot control and reflection can give you this exact insight.

You may find that simply coming to terms with your actions, thoughts and opinions can give you the pat on the back you deserve, not everything is life or death and letting things go under reflection is extremely healthy for both body and mind.