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“Beer Yoga” Is A Thing Now, And It’s Going International Because Well “Beer Yoga”


Just when we think we have seen it all, an innovative individual will come up with a novelty that we could not even imagine seeing before. Imagine doing yoga while drinking beer.

Boom! It is being done not only in Germany, but has traveled to Australia, with hopes of reaching all countries sooner rather than later.

To the surprise of many, the newest fitness trends brought together two non-matching activities–drinking alcohol and doing sports, or more precisely yoga.

Although it sounds impossible at first, when you think about it, they are complementary. We have all experienced the comfort of having a cold beer after a busy day at work. 

Now imagine it combined with a restful workout like yoga. The calming power of the beer and the soothing effect of yoga both work together towards bringing an individual in blissful harmony.

During the classes, participants do traditional yoga exercises while balancing full beer bottles with different body parts, in the meantime drinking from the same. As both beer drinking and yoga practicing are therapies known to man from ancient times, the new trend just blends them together for a more revitalizing and uplifting experience.

While we are not sure who really invented beer yoga, it was presented publicly for the first time during the cultural annual gathering in the United States, called Burning Man, couple of years ago.

Soon enough, the trend has spread internationally, increasing the number of instructors that teach beer yoga professionally. Very quickly, beer yoga became a thing in Europe, Australia and Asia as well, especially Thailand.

One of the certified instructors Jhula, who further developed the concept in Germany, and owns one of the biggest beer yoga classrooms in the country, says that the activity sounds really fun – but actually, it is much more than that.

According to her, a person under a mild influence of alcohol, especially beer “can better achieve the levels of consciousness that yoga helps us discover”. Those that have tried it, recommend beer yoga to those yoga lovers that are a little bit shy, or cannot relax that easily.

The beer speeds the stress relieve process, makes them forget about the every-day troubles and helps them reach tranquility faster.

There are numerous events where the latest novelties in the field are being presented. Moreover, you can find a convenient beer yoga studio in almost all the bigger cities.

Therefore, if you are a beer lover, a yoga fan, and have a knack for trying out new things – go ahead and google the closest beer yoga classroom in your surrounding area.

If your city has not welcomed the beer yoga preachers yet, you can always rely on the YouTube videos that will steadily bring you through the all levels of exercises.  Either way, as according to many, it’s a special experience you won’t regret.